larry vickers

I always enjoy LAV’s vids:

Man, this guy knows his stuff.

Looking slim still as usual.  Good to see!


Kicks knowledge then greases some things up:

Good stuff.  I just love the look of that gun… so utilitarian.  Nowadays we have to throw rails and useless beauty enhancements on everything.  This grease gun looks like a big pipe connected to a small pipe with some squares coming off of it.  Real talk.  Way before prettyboy Solidworks was around.

1:08 – “a deadass reliable magazine”  LOL deadass… Larry is from NYC?  That’s some slang right there.  There were some good deadass NY memes going around a while back.

Good slow motion in this video as usual.  Larry is the SLOMO GOAT.

3:24 – Hold up, is that a green bezel submariner?  I need to keep a list of Larrys watch flexes better.  I think this makes three rolexes (a black submariner, a pepsi GMT, and this green submariner) I’ve seen him wear.  Glad to see him thriving and staying slim.  Get that money Larry.

Maybe this grease gun is from Larry’s personal collection?  Or a buddy’s collection?  He “turned off” some stuff with it in the past.



With An AA-12 shotgun 😂:

The slow motion was pretty sick.  I can’t stand when I’m on some remote mountain top that took hours to climb to, then someone starts flying one of those around.  If there was a way they could stop the high pitched whine I wouldn’t care… but that sound is so grating.

Ok serious question.. what happened to the “LARRY TURNS IT OFFFFFFF 🎶” jingle he always had with these clips?  That was actually one of my favorite YouTuber things.

haha 13 people downvoted the video on YouTube. Drone fans (or Larry haters) I guess *shrug*.



My man Larry really out here getting that money:

HOLY, I almost fell off my chair when I saw the price.  Starting at $3850 for the .45, and $3690 for the 9mm.  I was familiar with Wilson Combat 1911 prices, but for some reason I figured the Glocks would be at least comparable to the SaLiEnT ArMs guccified Glock offerings.  Larry is getting $1000+ more money for his.

UPDATE – Never mind, their Glock page is here actually. Base price $1350 for the G17 and G19, which is quite a bit more reasonable than that initial ~$4000 I thought the site was saying the starting price is.

The peer pressure to buy a fancy Glock when you’re on instagram is almost unbearable. haha



Larry Vuttion looking S V E L T E :

My man must be hitting the Pilates hard.  He’s looking really good.  Gotta get that summer Instagram beach body on point.

I’m patiently waiting on a sequel to the legendary “Why I’m Fat” video called “Why I dropped 80lbs, look 25 years younger, and stole your girl”.

As far as the Colt Canada IUR, looks alright I guess.  *Shrug* it’s an AR-15, and it works… I didn’t fall off my chair or anything when I saw him fire it.

3:18 – You gotta stick around for the Submariner shaking.  Someone needs do start a “Rolexes In Slow Motion” channel… I’d subscribe.

Do you think LAV still uses that Crisco lubricant, or is it one of those “fool me once, shame on you” type situations?  Who needs a shitty sponsor like that though, when you can promote your own incredible books which basically sell themselves? Amirite fellas?



If there’s one thing I’ve learned, is that Larry always knows the plug 🔌… for any and all weapons:

Yea the Glock 18C is my grail gun.  I’d accept a backplate switch on a regular semi-auto glock though.  He mentioned the Saddam Hussein Glock… I blogged about it at the link if you care to learn more.

Oh man that footage is too good as usual… even the audio is incredible.  Speaking of LAV.. why doesn’t he “Turn it off” anymore?  I loved that theme song the most.  Oh and if you click that video, you’ll also see that SICK turntable gopro setup he rigged up (which I can’t remember seeing since then in any newer video for some reason).