larry vuitton

You guys know how much I love “production of” videos 😍😍😍:

0:12 – $200,000,000 production hall.  Wooooo FLEX.

Holy there are a LOT of steps. Damn, Sellier & Bellot is very impressive.

3:20 – Exceptional mullet.  Sellier in the front, Bellot in the back as they say in the Czech Republic.

3:56 – 😲whoa that thing picking up the rounds looks cool, and so smooth!

There’s a factory tour video he did with some different footage and an interview you should make sure to czech out if you already haven’t.


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Kicks knowledge then greases some things up:

Good stuff.  I just love the look of that gun… so utilitarian.  Nowadays we have to throw rails and useless beauty enhancements on everything.  This grease gun looks like a big pipe connected to a small pipe with some squares coming off of it.  Real talk.  Way before prettyboy Solidworks was around.

1:08 – “a deadass reliable magazine”  LOL deadass… Larry is from NYC?  That’s some slang right there.  There were some good deadass NY memes going around a while back.

Good slow motion in this video as usual.  Larry is the SLOMO GOAT.

3:24 – Hold up, is that a green bezel submariner?  I need to keep a list of Larrys watch flexes better.  I think this makes three rolexes (a black submariner, a pepsi GMT, and this green submariner) I’ve seen him wear.  Glad to see him thriving and staying slim.  Get that money Larry.

Maybe this grease gun is from Larry’s personal collection?  Or a buddy’s collection?  He “turned off” some stuff with it in the past.



If there’s one thing I’ve learned, is that Larry always knows the plug 🔌… for any and all weapons:

Yea the Glock 18C is my grail gun.  I’d accept a backplate switch on a regular semi-auto glock though.  He mentioned the Saddam Hussein Glock… I blogged about it at the link if you care to learn more.

Oh man that footage is too good as usual… even the audio is incredible.  Speaking of LAV.. why doesn’t he “Turn it off” anymore?  I loved that theme song the most.  Oh and if you click that video, you’ll also see that SICK turntable gopro setup he rigged up (which I can’t remember seeing since then in any newer video for some reason).



Larry always selflessly doing it for the culture:

Good video as usual.  Slow-mo on point naturally.  I like how Larry is a G, and keeps it 100 all the time.  How much do you want to bet we’ll never see a video from him complaining about fluctuations in his YouTube money?  The man gets it done $ other ways.  As a great poet once said:



My guy Spencer KILLIN it in the texture laser stippling dept., behold the Larry Vuitton Glock:

That subtle off-black coloring, the tasteful depth of it.  My god… it even has nice detail.

Oooooeeeee look at that small hit on the extractor.  Just a little sumthin sumthin for those paying attention.

Would tastefully open carry.  WOULDN’T react poorly if stopped by police, get badge numbers, and wear a balaclava to walk into the police department armed to “file a complaint” haha I still can’t get over that.


Gat tip: Spencer



Larry-Vickers-Hover-SunglassesLAV really gets it done.  This is breathtaking.  As usual the sound and video are both on point.  Wow the color coded internals, and the opacity fades in and out of phenomenal.

3:05 – That Larry cheek sweat tho.  haha

3:42 – This pause for effect was such a tease.  I even moved my mouse to see if my computer froze.

3:45 – This is why you freefloat a barrel.

Thoughts? This isn’t the first time Larry has “gone inside” something, and its been epic.