larue tactical

Wow… wow… *extremely Owen Wilson voice*:

$40 at LaRue Tactical.

Looks like the kind of thing I see Hipsters keep on their fixie bikes in Portland to carry bottles of wine 😭😂.  “Patent Pending” on the too I see… 😏 heh nice.

Thoughts?  Is ARFCOM still all over LaRue like stink on a goat?  Last I spent any sort of time on there, dudes were OBSESSED with Mark the owner.

Man he is getting cooked on facebook over this product haha.

Gat tip: Thanks everyone who sent it in

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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A weird looking suppressor from LaRue Tactical:

The ribs! The speed holes! This is how it came to be:

ME:  “Someone PLEASE make an ugly steampunk-lightsaber looking suppressor”

LARUE: “We got you fam!”

steampunk-ar150:56 – Oh shit, SOT – “Safer OPERATOR Technology”!

These go for $700.  You can check out more info on the LaRue website if you’re interested.

It’s begging to be mounted on that steampunk AR-15 pictured.

Thoughts?  Would fight Darth Vader with, then adjust your copper monocle, drink a Moscow mule, and fiddle with your radio amplifier tubes?


Some machine shop goodness from LaRue Tactical:

AR15-Barrel-Vibration-Dampener-BowjaxSome of you might find this type of thing boring.  I really like machining and automation, espeically when it’s firearm or clothing related.

No LaRue isn’t making barrel dampeners (pictured left)… yet.  Maybe they’ll be operator enough someday.



Testing an AR-15 upper:

I don’t own anything by Larue Tactical (yet) but I’m told it’s really a notch or two above what you get from other manufacturers.  I don’t mind spending money if I’m going to get a better product, considering everyone and their grandma manufactures AR-15 receivers now.  Same goes for kydex holsters, everyone makes those now too I’m beginning to feel left out.

If you remember the A.R.M.S. vs Larue legal mess in 2009, this little “screw you” to A.R.M.S. was one of the reasons I fell in love with Larue Tactical in the first place.