Oh man how true:


haha Repeal Gun Laws is nice for this one.  He missed out the Mickey Mouse eraser decoration I used to have… “The mouse thing that goes up”.


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Oh no, freedom is brewin’ in Georgia:

Americans for Responsible Solutions, which is Mark “Derp” Kelly and Sympathy Pawn Giffords’ group put out the video.  Apparently as shooters themselves, they don’t like other people having freedom.  Damn elitist attitudes… not everyone can be an astronaut and a congressperson dammit.


0:18 – “They want guns everywhere.  Even in the hands of previous gun offenders.” – Someone please explain that to me.  Is that for real?  Is it like it sounds?

I like the video, not the message.  Try putting it on mute and starting up this track while you watch it.  See if that doesn’t improve your day. haha



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But apologized for.  “My bad bro”:


hahah oh well, at least no one got hurt.


I’m glad she came to her senses.  The article is hilarious, I pasted an excerpt below, but you should really read the whole thing:

And, contrary to popular belief, Tennessee isn’t going to sit back, sipping moonshine through the gap where their front teeth used to be, and let Uncle Jim get away with shooting someone for calling him a coward. If members of rival gangs make a contract to duel and one prevails, the clear result is that the winner gets to do time in prison for homicide or attempted homicide (depending on your definition of “winning”). Same deal with The Yeagermeister. To argue that the state is going to find itself in the harsh spotlight of internet scrutiny and do nothing about one of their residents shooting at an internet troll would be crazy. Especially a tactical law enforcement firearms trainer who has decided to respond to petty name-calling by murdering a civilian.

Read the whole article over at JD Oasis.  The author goes by @Spyarchive on twitter.

James-Yeager-Buck-YSL-ParodyIf you haven’t been keeping up with the whole Buck Yeager going off the deep end debacle, you can catch up HERE and HERE.  Make sure you read the comments, because they chronicle what was happening on YouTube at the time, and are pretty damn funny.

To date no one wants to sign Buck Yeager’s contract (not that I blame them).  I’ve been getting emails from a couple guys who have been exchanging emails with Yeager, and I can smell the testosterone through the screen… shit is going to get real if someone shows up and surprises him by the sound of it.


Hat tip: Walt


And backs him down:

I was detained by Portland PD officer J McDonald on 26MAY2012. He detains me without suspicion of any criminal activity in violation of Delaware v Prouse. He admits his sole reason for stopping me is my legally carried firearm in violation of US v DeBerry. He seizes my weapon with no reasonable suspicion that I’ve committed a crime in violation of Terry v Ohio. He demands my ID without reasonable suspicion in violation of Hiibel v Nevada

LOL burn.  That’s exactly what I like to see.  As I always say on the blog… if you can’t handle the laws in the state / country / etc.. that you live in, then move.  That especially goes for those PAID to enforce them.  I am pro Law Enforcement, but the fact is there is only one version of the law they are paid to enforce… so if you are a LEO and you have your own agenda, and that includes trying to trick people into waiving their rights, then please do everyone a favor and find a new career.

Thank god for cameras.

So now what?  The officer in the video violated 4 different laws according to the person taking the video.  Will anything happen?  Should anything happen?

Hat tip: Raeshawn