They have ample opportunity to take out the shooter:

But instead they just stare in disbelief.  Stop motion photography blows my mind… it looks so time consuming.


These LEGO stop motion animations never cease to amaze me:

If you have time also make sure to check out the behind the scenes “making of” video.   It gives you a better idea how much painstaking work goes into one of these videos.  Thankfully this guy has almost a million views already.


Well not really LEGO, but you get the point:

A portable alternative that won’t degrade as badly as sandbags or concrete under sustained fire.   For cost effectiveness I still don’t think you can beat showing up with some bags or cardboard with wire over it (HESCO) and filling it up with the same stuff you’re walking on.   If this is safer though, doesn’t cost a mint, and they have a way to easily get it to a FOB then why not?

It’s called the 3-Dimensional Interlocking Protection System, and is made by Ballistics Research. Lots of info available in the powerpoint download (fail, I know) on their site.


I’ve been impressed with LEGO creations in the past, but I think this just set the bar even higher:

Tons more pics over at MocPages – HERE

Unbelievable that it even takes magazines that you load with rubber bands.  There must be some type of advanced LEGO CAD program for this complex of a project.  Trial and error just wouldn’t cut it.

If people were to start selling kits for projects like this and the LEGO predator they could probably make a decent living.


I only have one thing to say about this…


Ahhhhhhhhhh GET TO DA CHOPPA, it’s got a shoulder thing that goes up!


The alternate ending – HERE

Some people are sure good at that stop motion stuff!

Hat tip: Raeshawn