My man PULLED UP with the extendo:

Niiiiiiiice.  Holy, this thing is a kickstarter that raised $903,000 so far.  It’s called a LAOWA 24mm probe lens, and there is 8 days left on it if you want in.  The bottom tier of the kickstarter gets you the lens for $1400 USD.

Obviously despite how it looks in the video, nothing is being “fired” through the objects… it’s just that skinny little lens being moved. Cool idea.  Here’s a little behind the scenes look at them doing it on a pizza:

Thoughts?  Yea I’m disappointed that it doesn’t shoot lenses too guys.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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The lengths people will go to get footage… So much for your dignity:

You can buy it over at Strikemark for $30 if it tickles your fancy.

I’m holding out for a Glock rail mount that will let me shoot while I shoot with my DSLR and 1200mm anti-aircraft Canon lens i’m planning on buying.  Here’s a mockup for your viewing pleasure:

Side note:

Strikemark.. for the love of God, fire your current web guy.  This shit right here.. not acceptable:

Yes 3.68MB with a 1869×1869 px resolution, you’re reading that correctly.  All their product shots are 24 bit PNG files with transparency. *tactical facepalm*

Anyone else got a hankering to shoot while they shoot?  Perhaps a TV camera attached to a Deagle is your combo of choice?


Not gun related, besides the fact it looks like something that could take down a plane:

  • 36 pounds
  • 33 inches long
  • Minimum focusing distance of 46 ft

I’d hazard a guess that pointing that at a helicopter like they did in the video, would get you laid out on the ground (or at the very minimum hassled) by the police more often then not. People seem to call 911 for practically ANYTHING that looks suspicious nowadays.

Lots more info in a review of the lens – HERE

The price tag on this used one is $120,000 !