Two guys I’ve never heard of debate something that isn’t even debatable in my opinion:

More like a new “Final Solution” as my astute colleague Dugan Ashley said in a different video.

4:00 – LOL @ the Navy Yard Shooter talk.  About how he wouldn’t have been able to get insurance.   Oh lawwwwwd, I love how with this new “license and insurance” idea, murderers are going to be like “Oh no, I can’t buy a gun from a gun store… I guess no innocent people will die”.  If only…

Licensing and insurance = Confiscation list.

Like the top YouTube commenter said, “Driving a car is a prevailed not a right.  Owning a firearm is a right.  This “argument” is invalid.” <— *sound of nail being hit on its head*

Guns-Cars-Treated-AlikeThere are a couple funny lists from a past post you can check out over at Guns And Cars – What If They Were Treated Alike?



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Yay lets shoot down government drones because we have nothing better to do. *Facepalm*… Derp ahead:

This story could be summed up as “Our town sucks, and we just want to get on the news”.  What a waste of everyone’s time.

drone-aircraftIf I worked for DHS I would dispatch drones there just out of shotgun range to hover around taking pictures just to piss those people off.  Although I think drones are possibly the most awesome thing to happen war-technology-wise in the last 10 years, I don’t like the idea of them being used to spy on average Americans one bit.  You just can’t go all Buck Yeager on them and start killing them though… there are rules to this shit.



Sick of being asked how his time in Iraq was, a Michigan resident and war veteran got this licence plate:

Another good one:

I can imagine it would get old really fast when people want to hear stories about your time served overseas. It’s one thing if you want to talk about it, but I’m sure a lot of veterans would rather forget a lot of what happened.


Sends an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) out and destroys the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag.

Looks like a good thing to do to those “Big Brother” type tags that are in passports and licenses. I don’t buy the whole “it saves valuable time” excuse.  Whats wrong with passports still using bar codes, or various other look up methods that don’t emit short range broadcasts of information?


The flashing light and sounds effects are a nice touch.

Definitely something you wont find in RFID for Dummies

How to build your own – HERE

Hat Tip: SayUncle