life of duty

I always wonder why in these NRA Life Of Duty episodes they insist on the “while-driving-a-vehicle” answers.  Is that some attempt to make it seem more casual?  It just seems awkward and disconnected to me.

I can’t say I disagree with their thoughts on this.  Pretty obnoxious how the school he offered his time too, wouldn’t even take Tom’s training for free. *smh*

School-DeskPeople hate reality.  The fact many parents would rather take the chance with their kids safety, and clean up the mess after the fact really says something.



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I really hoped this would go a different direction:

Oh imagine that, there are people who want to do drugs, don’t care about where they came from, and that they are illegal.

I love how legalization isnt even considered as a viable option by any of these guys.  Wouldn’t want to ruin the prison industry and potentially lighten the load / reassign law enforcement to different problems.  Sure legalization isn’t a 100% solution, but looking at past examples such as the legalization of alcoholic beverage consumption, I’m thinking things couldn’t be any worse than they are now if drugs were legalized.  Could open up a whole new revenue stream for the government too.

If any one group of people should know, it should be law enforcement…. CRIMINALS DO NOT FOLLOW LAWS; gun laws, drug laws, alcohol laws etc… No laws definitely isn’t the answer either obviously.

Has anyone ever stopped doing drugs because carrying the guilt of “funding terrorism” was too much to bear? I want to see an A&E intervention containing that.

tmnt-drugs-pizzaYea that swiss cheese border is a whole other issue which needs to really be fixed too, wow.



A preview of an interesting new show the NRA is going to be putting out:

Defending-Our-America-NRADefinitely relevant to my interests.

0:48 – He’s surprised that a bunch of scumbag criminals have different views than him?

2:00 – WhUT?  Why?  What an elitist.

Starts April 2014.