This has been done before by others, but it’s still ūüĒ•:

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Good stuff.¬† I don’t know anything about Inforce because I’ve never owned one, but if you’re interested you can check out their site here.

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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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The piehitters above all other groups will love this:

I knew he was going to touch on the “BAD GUYS GONNA SEE MUH LIGHT” complaint, and he did at 1:41. ¬†Cool stuff regardless.

Here’s Go Gauge’s own promo video showing how law enforcement will love it, and so will moms:

You can pick one up for $20 on the Go Gauge Tactical website.



Honestly despite this promo video being the worst, this probably isn’t a terrible idea:

LED-AR15-Quad-RailI like the low profile (no profile) aspect of it, as opposed to having a flash light mounted on the rail as most people do now. ¬†My guess is this whole setup weighs next to nothing, so there’s another positive. ¬†The main thing that sucks with integrated solutions though is that if something goes wrong with it, or you don’t like it anymore tough luck you’re stuck with it. ¬† LED flashlights that I own run pretty hot too, so that would be another negative if they are heating up that end up the rail where you’re trying to Costa-sharkjump-grip.

I bet current rail manufacturers would be able to do some pretty cool stuff integrating the LEDs into the rails, if the decide the pros outweigh the cons.  If the guy who made the video can actually get a patent, he might be able to make a ton off licensing.

There is no website for this product, only this facebook page.  There are some more pictures and some minor discussion there if you want to take a look.


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1 Million frames per second used to be impressive. Not anymore:

Femto-Photography; an imagining technique where you can create slow motion videos of light in motion. ¬†Yea.. that’s badass.

If it wasn’t a TED talk I would have screamed video trickery. ¬†So incredible.

Thoughts? ¬†Who’s saving up for one of these for shooting vids? :P ¬†That would be a good way to one-up those current slow motion guys on youtube.


A killer do it yourself project by a crafty mom:

You can read the whole article on her blog, it’s pretty funny.

After a comment from her husband: “It feels like Paris is taking over in here” and some¬†inspiration¬†from Phillippe Starck¬†(maker of a ~$2000 version) she decided to take on the project. ¬†She writes a cheeky hilarious letter to Phillippe Starck in the article too, school him on “guns”. ¬†I know the correct terms are “firearm”, “handgun”, “pistol”, “rifle” etc.. but I’ve never been too picky on that. ¬†I know for some of you it’s probably like the clip/magazine thing, but every time I say “firearm” to someone that isn’t really into them I feel like I should check the time on my pocket watch and adjust my monocle.¬†

I’m still partial to a desk lamp made out of real AR-15 parts, but the price is obviously not even comparable.


Hat tip: Stacy


“Oh it’s dark over there, and I can’t see… why don’t I just aim my loaded shotgun with a flashlight mounted on it in that direction.” – Definitely the start of a good idea right there, i’ll have to remember that.

Beanbag loads or buckshot, it really doesn’t make a difference. ¬†At that range a beanbag would kill a person just as dead.

Occupy peeps love when cops mess up, perfect opportunity for a witty chant. ¬†I bet a bunch of them got together after that and filed a formal complaint, which no doubt will be subsequently laughed at and filed in the bin labeled “trash”.