The Slow Mo Guys do it:

Captain Morgan supplied the alcohol and the cannon.  First Richard Ryan gets a liquor sponsor, now Slow Mo Guys?  ENDO seriously needs one.  I mentioned I was interested in LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) sponsorship, and commenter derpmaster said:

LVMH? I know that you are all into fashion and whatnot but I think you are setting your sights a little high. Given the readership of this site, I’m thinking more along the lines of Franzia/Keystone Lite/Luxco.

HOW RUDE! :P  ahhahaha.

Come-And-Take-ItThe drinks themselves getting smashed was a bit anticlimactic… seeing that cannon ball fly through the air was awesome though.

Thoughts?  Do you consider these sponsored vids “selling out”?


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Pulling a gun on a military veteran is never a great idea:

Marionville, Mo – A man entered the store and pointed a gun at Alexander during his shift Sunday night. But the clerk, a 30-year veteran of the military, quickly pushed the gun away and drew his own — placing it at the gunman’s mouth.  The would-be robber held his gun at his side and quickly backed out of the store.

Full story – NY Daily News

HomerFacePalmInteresting that the robber half-ass slowly pulled his gun out and then wimped out when the clerk put his hand out.  I’m assuming the robber must have been high or something, luckily… or maybe just stupid.  High AND stupid is always a winning combination.


Hat tip: Adam


Nah, it’s just your friendly neighborhood purveyor of good times and vice in Bailey Colorado:


Made of equal parts Plastic, Awesome, and WIN:


Looks like an interesting way to make a mess at parties. It’s good they didn’t make it look much like a real gun, so there would never be any confusion.

LOL at the Negligent Discharge at 26 seconds, and the girl who gets it directly in the eyes at the end of the video.

You can pick one up for around $20 over at Amazon.

You could maybe settle with this $25 Revolver Liquor Dispenser from Amazon (pictured above right).




Kalashnikov Vodka

Apparently this “limited” release vodka and souvenir AK-47 shaped bottle has been around for a while.  Today was the first time I had ever seen or heard of it.

It comes in a cardboard box, with a wooden carrying case inside (pictured).  The bottle itself contains 1 liter of vodka, and attached is a dog tag with a number (1-13000) representing the ID number of your bottle.

The bottle would definitely be a neat collectors item.  A google search yeilds no clear results on the price or where it’s available stateside.

More info at the Kalashnikov Vodka website – HERE and HERE








TommyGunVodka1Tommy Guns Vodka

The bottle in this case of course is shaped like a Tommy gun.  It is readily available in the US for around $50.

More info at the Tommy Guns Vodka website – HERE


If you are reading this and you live in Canada… it’s not a good idea to point a bottle of either one of these at the police.  You will be arrested.

EDMONTON — Edmonton police say they’ve arrested a 24-year-old suspect after a man pointed what turned out to be a machine gun-shaped liquor bottle at an officer conducting a traffic stop Friday night.Around 11 p.m., police say a second officer noticed a man in a nearby house pointing what looked like a long barreled gun at the officer doing the traffic stop.

More officers were called in and the home was surrounded.

Several people inside the house eventually surrendered peacefully.

Police then discovered that it wasn’t a real weapon that had been pointed at the officer – it was a liquor bottle made in the shape of a gun.

Jessie Shamarchi Petrin, 24, was charged with possession of an imitation weapon dangerous to the public peace.

Source – – HERE