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A trailer for the movie Attack On Titan:

By the looks of the trailer, they mainly like to get up close and personal with the sword work.  Cool.  I’m sure there are plenty of guns in the movie as well.  Anime is so crazy.  It’s like nightmare material, and this is no exception.  Did you see those creepy grins?

This movie definitely isn’t high on my list of ones to see in a theater, but I’m definitely not sleeping on it once I can watch it at home.

Attack-On-TitanSomeone tell me the graphic novel series is a “must read”…. or nah?  Looking at the wikipedia page it must be good, because I see it put up some serious number (45 million volumes in print!).


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Pwnisher is coming out with a movie May 11th:

wolfensteinWolfenstein is so old school.  I know some of you guys who read the blog are probably too young to have played it, but for a lot of us that was like the gateway drug to everything else video game related, period.

Pwnisher always delivers with the vids, so I’m sure the movie will be impressive.  You might know him from the Cardboard Warfare series of videos… if not check them out.



From Freddiew and Corridor Digital:

I really need to stop posting videos about games I know nothing about.   I can appreciate both these videos for the cool videography, but besides that they both seem incredibly useless to me.

I think Freddiew realized that no matter what he does, it will get 1 Million views within a few days subsequently making him thousands of dollars in advertising revenue. Why even bother coming up with lots of unique new ideas when you’re getting money thrown at you for boring videos? Best to save the good ideas and use them every so often.

Hat tip: Kevin W.



No guns at all in this video:

But 3 of the guys in it have impeccable taste in t-shirts. :P

VendlandFX is steadily gaining a following on YouTube for their fun videos with great special effects.

I asked Dan from VendlandFX if they had plans for more gun related vids in the future, and he said they do, but are trying to show a bit of diversity.