live fire


Apparently this is Kopassus (Indonesian Army special forces).  Not ideal… not ideal.

oprah-derp-face0:51 – THIS GUY!  He’s not even using his sights.  *smfh*

Thoughts?  Am I too soft because I don’t want to crawl through the Indonesian mud while friendly bullets almost kill me?

Gat tip: Snekrz, Keijo

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The fact that this movie was filmed with DSLR cameras AND they used live fire basically puts it at the top of my list of movies to see.  I didn’t have time to go to the SHOT show this year, but I should have just flown in to see the advance screening of this movie which they would have let an industry guy like me into.  Oh well I guess I’ll have to wait until sometime after February 24th like the rest of you.

I don’t know how much LIVE fire they actually used, because in the above video it’s obvious that some of the scenes especially around the 1:13 mark are not live fire or the whole camera crew would have been dead.

If you haven’t seen the full trailer check it out – HERE

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Try as you will, you will never be as operator as Chris Collins:

  • (0:16) – Is it necessary to use a real gun to practice such a drill?  It seems to be asking for an negligent discharge into the “aggressors” hand etc..
  • (1:58) – Punching with your handgun and flashlight? “I’ve taken it from impact from shooting a projectile, to impact using the steel” – LOL ok buddy whatever you say…
  • (2:45) – Where they start play fighting and trade taking shots from holds LOL priceless..
  • (3:45) – Speed & Accuracy (trust your team members) – *epic facepalm* whyyyyy?
  • (4:10) – Nice work on keeping the camera man in front of your muzzle, then dumping off a few shots… real classy and safe.
  • (4:37) – Yet again the camera man is infront of the muzzle during live fire
  • (4:42) – Why risk one life, when you can find 2 people stupid enough to stand next to your target?  Like I always say 2 is 1 and 1 is none.

It’s almost like Synchronized Live Fire Training For Operators got together with the South American Operator Stupidity Clinic and had this bastard American child Chris Collins.

I’m sure there will be some people in the comments that will justify having people near shooting targets, along with all that other ridiculous stuff.

The combative handgun skills Chris Collins teaches in that course is too rookie for me, I’m holding out for a combative rifle course when I can practice Ma Deuce disarms, and get ample opportunity to stand down range near a target being shot at with a recoliless rifles and M249s.

Make sure to save the video just in case… you know how these things have a habit of vanishing.

If you want to register for some of these classes G-1 Tactical Solutions is the place.  I’d like to see the waiver they get you to sign…