He created “fear” by walking around with a gun, while obeying the law. Are these same people that are freaked out by that, bothered by police carrying guns? Or does the addition of the uniform change that fear into appreciation?

Pretty funny how 4 police officers showed up, one even with his rifle out. All for a guy going about his business completely within the law.

Quote from police officer:

We don’t know if you came and showed up with a loaded gun, or not a loaded gun

My reaction –> :roll:

It is reported that Walter Stanley was carrying two full “Clips” of ammo.  I only saw a couple of magazines.  Maybe he had some clips for his SKS or something in his pocket? :lol:

In the 2nd “extra” video, the police seemed courteous as usual.  I don’t really like the way the officer handled the gun, and I don’t think the fact that ABC broadcast Walter Stanley’s serial # to the entire world is the best idea either.

Stay tuned for more uneventful open carry reports and videos.

Original ABC News article – HERE

Hat Tip: SayUncle


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