Taofledermaus does something terrifying:

Xacto-Blade-Shotgun-Loadhaha so awesome.  Although a lot of the stuff he does turns out to be way less effective than slugs or birdshot the psychological effect of flying razor blades is crazy.

As I said in the comments on this YouTube video – “The only way you can one-up this is if you fill a shotgun shell with poo + AIDS.”



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Matt from Demolition Ranch has a buddy who made him some interesting 12GA rounds:


The video is long, but cool to watch because a lot of work went into the rounds.

LOL first 4 shots in a row missed… I was like COME ON! haha not necessarily his fault though like he said.

Conclusion:  Cool stuff, but Matt needs a bigger target next time he does something like this.  He should also spray paint it after each shot, and hopefully shoot in a cleaner environment so he could find the pieces easier.

Matt is wearing the 416 Selector Switch t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.



The result?  Unsurprisingly, not recommended for self defense.   The intimidation factor of the shotgun would still likely get someone off your lawn, but do you really want to do them a favor by freshening their breath in the process?


Some guys were bored and wanted to test a few things out:

Empty .22LR shells, airsoft bbs, bb gun bbs, duct tape, coat hanger flechettes, flat washers, M&Ms LOL… you name it they wasted their valuable time trying it out.

Redneck science like this is always good for a few laughs.  I’ve heard of people shooting intruders with rock salt loads… but what a hilarious twist it would be to shoot an intruder with a 12GA M&M load.  I be doctors see the weirdest stuff…



Dismounted Soldiers often carry heavy combat loads that increase the stress on the body leading to potential injuries. With a HULC exoskeleton, these loads are transferred to the ground through powered titanium legs without loss of mobility.

Gotta love technology. Might as well just go one step further and in case every soldier in an IronMan style climate controlled bulletproof suit; I’m sure that’s coming.

HULC website – HERE



There are quite a few videos of this on youtube.  I tried it out but couldn’t even get close to clambering a round (snap cap in my case).  I’m skeptical that these guys have factory springs in their guns… at the very least I’d say they would have a VERY “broken in” factory spring.  I haven’t seen anyone do this in real life with a stock glock yet.

Maybe i’m just not quick enough.  Once my shoulder and elbow recovers i’ll give it another try.