lock box

Obviously the little guy didn’t figure these techniques out on his own… interesting nevertheless:

You can read the full story at forbes, and check out Marc Tobias’ Youtube Channel for lots more videos on the topic.

Calling these “Safes” as the article does is actually a misnomer, because these are obviously more like “lock boxes”.  The 2003 Vancouver, WA accidental (negligent?) self inflicted shooting of the 3 year old was terrible, but no matter what the official report says I’m still skeptical that the gun wasn’t accidentally left out in the open where the kid saw it.  I’m sure the fact that the “safe failed” means no criminal charges, whereas admitting to leaving the gun out probably amounts to criminal negligence?  A terrible thing for the family to live with either way.

If you want to see more yet on the topic, check out a previous post I made on hacking firearm lock boxes from a past DEFCON hacking conference in Las Vegas.


Hat tip: Scott, Ryan