Holy this thing has a lot of complex features.  Law makers are going to love it.

This thing trolls so hard, they even call it CLIPfort… not MagFort.  9/10… only because they didn’t use the word “clipazine”.  Any work they put into this product and the marketing of it was entirely ruined at 0:39 when the ENTIRE CARTRIDGE is seen leaving the barrel.  Yea we’ve seen bigger and better companies *Cough* Glock *Cough* make that mistake too, but still.

LOL 3:34 – Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM, GPS, connected to apps?… cool story, but no thanks.

3:55 – “Imagine we could prevent unauthorized use and at the same time have instant secured access to firearms”.  – Hardly “instant” when you have to fumble with swiping your finger on the bottom when someone is potentially trying to kill you.  This thing is going to kill more people than it will save.  It has been proven over and over that in a high stress situation your fine motor skills are basically non existent; END of discussion, the product can now go away.  The numerous deaths and injuries could go away if people weren’t dumbasses with how they store their guns.

Clipfort-Biometric-Magazine-LockThoughts?  What’s the obsession with making everything on earth interface with an app, and adding unnecessary complexity to it?  The main reason I like manual/automatic watches & firearms is because of their simplicity.  If the magazines on my Glocks started “crashing” and/or needing software updates, or were being annoying because my finger was dirty and not letting me in… I’d throw the towel in real quick, and walk away.  Honestly I’m surprised they didn’t troll even harder and put a retina scanner underneath the barrel… maybe that’s the 2nd product?

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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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I’m all for safe storage, but this is a bit ridiculous:

With 6 locks, that revolver isn’t going to be randomly killing anyone by itself any time soon.  Someone needs to lock those keys up in 6 different safety deposit boxes just to make sure… you can never be too safe.

Isn’t that one of those revolvers with a ceramic frame that can go through airport metal detectors?

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Gun safes, SHTF food, and now this.

I feel like we are just one hurdle away from being able to pick up 100,000 round crates of Kirkland 5.56mm at 1990’s equivalent prices.

Check the Shotlock out at Costco – HERE

If you want one, it seems like a decent deal at $130 considering it’s $170 on ShotLock’s own website.


Popular Mechanics gives it a try:


Not much of a surprise there.

Information on the rounds they used – HERE

For a better info, check out one of Box O’ Truth’s old experiments – HERE


One Glock option that is new to me is the internal safety lock. Listed on the Glock website under the “Safety Pack” menu.  When locked, the gun cannot be fired or disassembled.

My initial impressions when I saw this system were:

a) Why would I want a lock in my Glock(s)?
b) What advantage does this have over an external combination lock or the included cable lock?
c) The key looks overly complex
d) How many more parts is this adding to the internals of my gun?

The reality of most locks are, that given enough time or knowledge, they become easily circumvented and therefore rendered useless. The Glock Internal Safety Lock appears to be no exception.

As I mentioned earlier, like most internal handgun locks, when the Glock lock is enabled the gun cannot be fired or disassembled.  In this case the safety is achieved through a half circle shaped block that is rotated 180 degrees with the turning of the key which blocks the rearward travel of the trigger bar.

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