I’m all for safe storage, but this is a bit ridiculous:

With 6 locks, that revolver isn’t going to be randomly killing anyone by itself any time soon.  Someone needs to lock those keys up in 6 different safety deposit boxes just to make sure… you can never be too safe.

Isn’t that one of those revolvers with a ceramic frame that can go through airport metal detectors?

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From the past DEFCON Hacking Conference in Las Vegas:

Your favorite gun lockbox might be preventing your toddler from having an accidental discharge, but it’s probably not at all likely to repel a criminal or even perhaps a curious teenager. Means of both attacking as well as improving upon the lockboxes you already may own are demonstrated, and audience members were invited to participate in all sorts of attacks… live and on stage.

Like they say, locks only keep honest people out.  The video is very long (40 minutes), but really worth watching if you want to learn a few things and save yourself some money. The guy is funny too so the time goes by fast.  The gist of the video is that many of these lock boxes are more similar to filing cabinets, than they are to safes.