I’ll ruin the suspense for you… no one dies:

Mark Dice covers the long gun open carry event at Pacific Beach on Saturday October 22, 2011. Second Amendment supporters gathered on the boardwalk openly displaying their rifles, shotguns, and handguns to educate the public about the Second Amendment and to highlight California Governor Jerry Brown’s unconstitutional actions restricting the right to bear arms.

I was keeping an eye out for an ENDO Apparel California Flag shirt, but never saw any.   As you can probably guess I sell a lot of those to California.

I can’t say I’ve ever really felt “safer” when I saw someone carrying.
 Probably because I don’t feel like my life is ever hanging in the balance, but it sure is nice to have good guys with guns handy though since we all know how hit or miss police response time can be.

Any of you guys ever participated in one of these public events?


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Disappointing news for gun owners in Canada. Great news for criminals who prefer to see millions of dollars vanish into thin air rather than go towards hiring more police.

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