long range

22Plinkster makes it look easy:

22plinkster-YouTubeHoly that guy can shoot.

500 yard hits with anything is impressive.  Keep in mind this is a small caliber handgun with regular non-magnified sights.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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PHowe x Panteo Productions:


PHowe has always been operator as fuck, but I have a feeling his skill level increased with the addition of that tactical facial push broom.  That thing is glorious.  Paul has so much Testosterone he probably made the decision to grow that Movember beast the night before filming the video.

Looks like the full video will be worthwhile. Panteo Productions appears to come out with some solid stuff on the reg. Funny (but unsurprising) how they dropped “Sonny “Shoot House” Puzikis” after his TOO OPERATOR FOR STANDARD SAFETY PRACTICES negligence.

Thoughts? Is P stunting on you and your Movember peach fuzz?


Ryan Cleckner former Army range / sniper team leader:

hahah wow.  1 shot, 9 witnesses, and video footage to prove it.

That’s how you give your students confidence in your ability as an instructor.  I think Colby pooped his pants a little with excitement at the end of the video.  

Texas-Triggers-LogoAnyone ever pull of a nice shot like that with a .50?

Hat tip: Jay, Joshua


The newest in extreme long range armor piercing ammunition:

Waiting to strike:

Because sometimes regular rounds can’t get the job done.  This is the absolute cutting edge when it comes to boutique dick humor rounds.

Vigilant Spectre is an early adopter (yea no surprise there, I know), and word on the street is Buck Yeager wants in on the action.

The ammunition is obviously not California compliant due to its ability to penetrate all thicknesses of every type of armor that has ever and will ever be made.

Hat tip: The Specialists LTD. 

If you want your own Deep Penetration Ammo give The Specialists a call at 212-941-7696, ask for Steve G. and mention you saw it on the ENDO blog so he knows what you’re talking about.  Don’t expect it to be cheap if you just want one, because it’s a custom job.  A nice addition to any collection though.  You can also request any additions/changes you want made; they were even talking about making the pictured prototype spring loaded! haha

No word on the ballistics of this round yet.



Known as “Project Titan”.  This thing is a BEAST:

The obvious downside is weight.  According to the project titan website the shroud is built from steel.  Because of the weight, muzzle rise is a non issue, so that makes for quicker followup shots.

I’m not entirely sure this will be hugely popular when it’s released, but it’s definitely a neat idea for long range shooting.


Hat tip: Marc