Love at first shot

Natalie Foster x NRAwomen:

Another great episode from an information standpoint but….. I don’t know why Natalie is all like “How do I guns?”  “Whaaaaaaat? I hit them allllllll?”  “What are scopes?  How Do I use them?” etc… she knows her shit and she knows how to shoot, I know what shes trying to do but I think the information could be presented in a way that didn’t deceive the viewers who don’t know her.

Why are they talking about and showing internal pictures of the M&P 15/22 as if it’s an AR-15?  It’s a .22LR, NOT an AR-15.  Regardless it’s good they started that red haired girl (Karson) on the .22LR.

18:32 – Natalie slaps the trigger like a wild woman then wonders why her shot wasn’t good. haha

Most of them don’t seem to be wearing actual shooting glasses.  I’m one to talk because I wear my Ray-Bans at the range too… but I know I’m taking a chance because they don’t wrap around and don’t exactly have ballistic protection.

Oh look even CBS aired a pro-gun segment lately:



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Girls Guide to Guns‘ own Natalie Foster and NRA Women with a great second episode:

The NRA is pumping out so much content now a lot of which is great, I just don’t want to post all of it because I don’t really have much to say about it.  This show is really awesome, and I’m not even a girl.

4:30 – Custom Ear pro is the only way to go.  I double up always with muffs still too if I’m shooting under a canopy or indoors.  Shooting outdoors with the sound is able to dissipate I just wear the custom plugs.

The best thing about this show is it’s fun to watch, because everyone in it is having fun.  Unlike a lot of the NRA stuff, this show focuses on shooting as a lifestyle and a hobby with no mention at all about the “anti-gun” or the “gun grabbers” etc… It’s refreshing to not have that pushed into my face all the time.

Nice looking shooting spots.  I don’t know if she said, but I’m guessing they are all in California unfortunately.

17:00 – That’s what it’s all about right there! First time shooting, and first time even handling a gun.  Look at the level of excitement.

NRA-Women-Love-At-First-Shot-LogoI know it’s mainly guys that follow this blog, but if any of you have wives or girlfriends you should consider telling them about this show!



Girl’s Guide To Guns Natalie x NRAwomen with a haute (yea that just happened… I typed that) new show for ladies:

This episode covers the first trip to the range for ladies.  Proper clothing, safety gear, range safety, what gun to shoot first, basic function of the firearms, what to do at the range etc..

I didn’t lie when I said I was planning on watching.  You guys know me well enough by now, that despite my online friendships / loose affiliations I call a spade a spade no matter what.  If I think anything someone does isn’t as good as it could possibly have been I’ll offer what I like to think is constructive criticism, even though my delivery could often be more tactful and I know is occasionally taken the wrong way.  I can honestly say from a guy’s perspective, I think this show is exactly what future female hobby shooters, and the current female shooting community needs.  Now maybe that’s just me, and won’t be the thoughts of it’s intended female audience… but I really think this is going to be a hit all around.  Natalie, S&W champion shooter – veteran – hunter – author – around badass Julie Golob, and the rest of the women who I was not previously familiar with, are all great.  I can’t see any type of viewers feeling alienated by the way any of these ladies talk, dress or carry themselves.

One last thing I’ll say is, another thing I was impressed by is the way sponsorship was incorporated.  There were definite sponsorship plugs, but it was all done in such a fluid way and was actually helpful rather than being obtrusive and useless (as sponsors often demand).

NRA-Women-Love-At-First-Shot-LogoAnyway I know you’re most likely a guy, if you’re reading this blog and if you got to this point you might be rolling your eyes at me.  If you don’t want to take 15 min of your own time, tell a woman or two in your life about the show and the website .  If they are already avid shooters they might not find this first episode all that useful, but I think it’s safe to say the next episode and on will cover different topics.