ahahahhahaha this is awesome.  A touching video for their two year anniversary:

When-A-Man-Loves-A-RifleThis video is from the same guy who did Defend Waifu.

Congrats you two.  You make a beautiful couple… *toast* here’s to the laws getting reformed to accept your modern love.


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I’m speechless.


Sandy Banks from the L.A. Times is gearing up for column this Saturday on America’s fascination with guns.

This initial article, Do you love your gun? Tell me why has a bit of a negative feel to it considering it is mainly about the recent NBA incident.  Though there is a positive and optimistic feel to it:

I discovered that I’m a pretty good shot. That there is something thrilling about holding a gun. And that firing real bullets is nothing like playing Halo.

I don’t think guns are evil, but I’m trying to figure out the fascination with them for Saturday’s column. I’d like to hear from gun owners. Why do you love your guns?

I respect Ms. Banks for giving shooting a try and keeping an open mind.  I am optimistic that the article on Saturday will not make us look like a bunch of right wing extremists.  I believe she will find that people love their guns because they are a means for self defense, and because shooting is a fun hobby where you can enjoy the outdoors and time with friends and family.

We will see, come Saturday.  Don’t let us down Sandy.

Picture source – Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes