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Yooooo, why is this the first time I’ve seen this:

Print Shoot Repeat is using the Rare Breed FRT-15 Trigger, which apparently doesn’t change the classification of the gun.  This is because it still adheres to all the rules the ATF made surrounding modifications and auto fire.

As I was writing this post, the name Rare Breed seemed strangely familiar, but when I messed around on the Rare Breed Triggers website linked above, I realized I had never seen it before.  Then I googled the name, and it hit me… they are the company that makes those elaborate cringe AFFLICTION-looking AR Lowers for dudes that wear the t-shirt brands with the 8in American Flag on the sleeve, and buy Dodge Chargers on 96 month 23% APR leases.  Whoever at the Rare Breed company decided to separate that whole AR Lower dumpster fire out onto a completely separate website (Rare Breed Firearms) is an absolute genius, and should get a raise.

If you’re curious how the drop in trigger works, here’s a video on that:

They also have other videos on the trigger website with a very lawyery looking lawyer saying it’s definitely legal.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Any of y’all trying to save some weight on a build? First he was like:

Then he was like:

If I was still building AR’s I’d keep one of these around to make some post-build Nachos.

Knowing the current state of the industry, some company is going to release this as an actual product.  At the very minimum I see a tangent product like a keymod cheese grater.

That felony hole tho  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).  Thoughts?

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*Insert Ric Flair Whoooooooo*:

In part 1 (not posted because it’s slow moving) dude pours the liquid into the blue silicone mold.

As we (or maybe just me?) have come to expect, the website is unfinished and has no pricing info or any shop to purchase one of these.  I guess you have to contact him buy email – gunmold@gmail.com .  If someone does, let me know how much this thing is so I can update the post.  Thanks!

From the site:

The GunMold allows you to make a complete AR-15 lower receiver at home with NO FFL Transfer required (Federal Firearms License) Unlike an AR-15 (80%) Lower Receiver which requires machining or additional work this requires nothing more pouring, setting, removing the polymer lower and last but not least breaking off some polymer flashing. This video is part 1 or 2 and will show how to start make your ARMOLD from GunMold.com using the silicone mold and part will show how to remove the AR lower. This allows you to legally as many AR15 lowers as your heart desires with no GOVERNMENT involvement, no gun registration, no paper trails, no ATF, no backgrounds, no BS.

I had a silicon molding guy back in the day who did some prototype work for me. As you can see when he opens the mold at 1:55 there’s a lot of leakage flashing, but that stuff doesn’t take that long to clean up and then you have a pretty nice looking part.  Not something sellable IMO, but good enough to make for personal use, without having to jump through any paperwork of any type.  I’m really surprised no one brought this idea to market before!

Gun-Mold-AR15-ReceiverOh yea, and this is where I say BAN ASSAULT SILICONE, BAN ASSAULT POLYMER! :P


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Sharps Bros. before hoes:


I blogged about their “nose art” type AR-15 lower receivers which were being exclusively sold at Dick Spider.  This one above though is going to look so sick in anodized aluminum (the picture is a 3d printed prototype).

In before dudes are like “But what if I have to shoot someone, and they bring up in court how bloodthirsty I am because my AR-15 lower is a top half of a skull?”.  Also in before “That nose hole will let too much debris into the magwell”… oh and “Those eye grooves are only going to encourage people who like holding the magwell when they shoot”. I know you guys too well. :P

Check out Sharps Bros, and keep an eye on when this badboy is release if you’re interested.


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In a world where everyone and their grandma makes AR-15 lowers, there are these:



spikes-tactical-logoThe company who makes them is Sharps Bros.  They are currently only available through our dick-spider logo’d friends at Spike’s Tactical.  Actually just the “nose art” style one (2nd pic) they call the Hellbreaker is available right now, the other one you’ll have to call in to order (like it’s 1994… maybe use your rotary phone too and ask them if they take a check LOL).

It’s about time someone did something more artistic with an AR-15 lower.  This industry is so fraught with copy-cats and laziness we don’t normally see people stepping outside the box like this.  Sure at $300 it’s not as cheap as a “normal” looking AR-15 lower receiver, which does the EXACT SAME THING… but you know you’re just going to blow the $250 you would have saved on some other stupid shit anyway so you might as well just splurge and buy this pimp’ish receiver.



Because less is more and lighter is better:


Naturally since it’s a tiny bit different than a regular AR-15 lower, arm chair operators nationwide are throwing money at the screen.  Additionally, psudeo operators are also complaining that they operate too hard for a lower receiver where the internals are exposed to the elements, and it would definitely malfunction.  Cool starry bras… check the obligatory dirt/rocks test if you’re skeptical.

SkeletorAnyway, if you’re looking for a 32% weight reduction, and a look that not all your mom’s coffee friends have on their AR-15s then this might be the rifle lower for you.