hahah the operator at the beginning of this is amazing:

Pretty good advertisement.  You can apparently pick up some PigLube over at their website for $15.  I don’t know if I’d trust that though because as you can see the website is EXTREMELY barebones, and has no info at all on the lube.  Why go to the trouble to make an awesome video up, and then not at least put 15 minutes worth of effort into a website?  Who knows.


Gat tip: Spencer

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Kanye-How-MemeCalcium ftw!  haha.  Nano stuff always blows my mind… just sitting here like “HOW?”

Anderson Manufacturing should fire their YouTube music guy though.  That music should be used to sell USB drives on the home shopping network, not a rifle.

Thoughts?  Would potentially operate with?  This no lube thing is kinda sus right? I’d need to see some torture tests, or at the very least hear what Ja Rule has to say about it.


Mattv2099 takesa some gela puts it ona the Glock:

Mattv2099-ENDOhaha “Dep”, that’s such intro hair gel.  I think everyone including myself used that in junior high.  I graduated to Layrite like a boss for all my hair styling needs, and never looked back.  Oh damn I broke character… I forgot that I am 513 lbs, live in my parents basement, survive off cheetos, no girlfriend, and have a combover.

If you want info on the real deal Italian Gun Grease hit the link up and LOL.  Looks like the video was removed for some reason.  Additionally, it appears they now have a line of clothing they call “Guido Gear“.  Apparently “Guido” isn’t a racial slur… who knew?  I’m going to call the guy working at my favorite pizza place that next time I grab a slice.  If he takes it the wrong way I’ll be sure to educate him.