hahah the operator at the beginning of this is amazing:

Pretty good advertisement.  You can apparently pick up some PigLube over at their website for $15.  I don’t know if I’d trust that though because as you can see the website is EXTREMELY barebones, and has no info at all on the lube.  Why go to the trouble to make an awesome video up, and then not at least put 15 minutes worth of effort into a website?  Who knows.


Gat tip: Spencer



Quick-Draw-Holster-LubricantHoly there is a lot of science in this video.  You guys aren’t running a holster lubricant huh?  Must not be high-speed enough I guess.  I don’t feel an off the shelf solution ever will exist for my specific operations, so I developed my own micro polymer Tier -28 proprietary blend of chemicals developed in deep space (not regular nearby space). I’m patenting it soon, so stay tuned.

Another Fireclean scandal anyone?

Only $15 on the Quick Draw website.  Buy tons off them and let me know how awesome it is.




Kanye-How-MemeCalcium ftw!  haha.  Nano stuff always blows my mind… just sitting here like “HOW?”

Anderson Manufacturing should fire their YouTube music guy though.  That music should be used to sell USB drives on the home shopping network, not a rifle.

Thoughts?  Would potentially operate with?  This no lube thing is kinda sus right? I’d need to see some torture tests, or at the very least hear what Ja Rule has to say about it.