Lucky Gunner

YES. A timely vid about it:

Great vid as always from Lucky Gunner.

The coolest part of the video for me was at 8:00 where they test the Bruce Lee squib situation.  That’s a LOT of penetration on that ballistic gel, wow.


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The conference looks VERY interesting:

I can’t get over how good basically everyone who makes gun related videos is on camera… James Reeves, Brandon HerreraLarry Vickers, Colion Noir, the Lucky Gunner guy in this video; Chris Baker to name a few.  It’s crazy natural how good the videos flow, and they are often very conversational, which really helps engage the person watching and keep their attention.

I searched YouTube and it looks like there are some other Tac Con 2019 videos up, and videos from other years.  I’ll have to check those out.



Looks like pea shooters aren’t for men:

Pint sized pistols will GET U KILT IN THE STREETS.

1:43 – LOL -15 points for a 9mm?  “Women or Europeans may appreciate the lighter kick” LOL I’m deceased.

Yo Lucky Gunner is crazy for this one.  Nice work.  See how I threw them the link juice there.  Hopefully all 5 people that visit this blog on a regular basis (not including my mom and dad), click through and buy some ammo.