First an AR-15 slingshot.  Now check out what they call the bag it comes in when you buy one:

The D-Bag hahhahhah “Complete LVOA AR’s will ship in the D-Bag”.  Yea I get it D for “Discrete”, still though.

HSGI actually makes the bag for them.  Looks alright I guess… nothing really special though as far as I can tell.  I think a more discrete way to transport a rifle around would be in a tennis racket bag or a gym bag, as opposed to this high speed looking balistic nylon one.  I suppose people could just assume camera lenses or something were in this bag, but chances are since it looks custom people are going to be inquisitive.

They should have made a gag D-bag out of all EdHardy and Affliction print fabric.  Sadly it seems that companies rarely have a sense of humor.



If you’re not regularly shooting your AR-15 out of vehicles using two cables to steady it, you should probably reevaluate your operator life:

The rifle and pics are from LVOA.  Pronounced “LOVE-AH”?  They should have called the rifle Boombastic;  shout out to Shaggy for that hot ’95 joint.

No word on if you can just purchase that fore-end.  Looks prefect for clothing line ops.