m1 carbine

This is awesome:

That guy is one of my favorite Gun YouTubers.  Funny stuff, and you just might learn something.


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Class is in session with Kirsten Joy Weiss:

Great video, and a lot of interesting history.  So cool how all sorts of companies joined in the war effort and manufactured guns (and everything else).

Oh and I got this exclusive v rare pic of Kirsten I call “By any means necessary”; peering out the window with her M1 carbine.  Yea it’s noteworthy her trigger discipline isn’t the best in this, but her skinny tie and eye pro make up for it.  Historical:


Thoughts?  How many of you just made the above picture your phone wallpaper? :P


Kyle America takes a look:

FPS-RussiaSeeing as a lot of his audience is the pre-teen and teen COWWADOODY crowd, somehow I doubt one of the “most requested videos” was WWII weapons, but it’s definitely nice to see.

hahah “shitter mountain”… “garand thumb” (or as I prefer “m1 thumb”).  I wouldn’t want to be the guy picking up all that broken toilet in amongst that poo dust.

You really can’t go wrong with any of those guns.  If I had to pick, I’d definitely go with the Tommy gun.



Video starts at 0:28… I need to know if he’s talking about the M1 Garand or the M1 Carbine.  My money is on the Carbine:

“A M1 here / A M1 there / Everywhere M1 / Ni**az don’t care”

It appears this guy doesn’t have a problem with the proliferation of firearms (especially the M1) so as a community we obviously share that with him.  The question is though, are we (you) glad to have him on our side?