OH SHIT, this is awesome:

Daaaaaaaaaamn, I’m really feeling that olive drab colorway.  And to think I was saying I’d never build another AR 🤔🤔🤔.

I highly recommend you purchase an AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt first, then go pick up the retro components at Brownells.  I try not to shoehorn product mentions in too often, but when it works it works you know?

Thoughts?  You excited about this, or is it not really your thing?

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Xbox Ahoy with another history lesson:

Adopted by the US Army in 1962.  Definitely ahead of it’s time… and still today doesn’t look dated at all consider its basic form is 53 years old (almost 60 years considering its design cues are from the AR-10).

I have a whole bunch of AR-15 / M16 related t-shirts, but since the one to the left says M16 on it I decided to use it for the post :P  Head over to ENDO Apparel and pick a few up.  20% off automatically if you spend $40 or more.

Gat tip: Kyle


Larry loves this thing like he loves cake:

We see belt fed ARs pop up every now and then, but then quickly disappear for whatever reason.  The one people reference most often as vaporware is the “shrike”… what I found curious was that looking at the product page for the gun shown in the video (the ARES-16), the page itself doesn’t mention the word shrike but in the last picture you can clearly see the upper labeled “SHRIKE 5.56”.  Is that because Shrike owns the patent?

If you ask me, this gun looks like the best of both worlds, as long as it’s reliable in reality as it is in the video.

Larry-Vickers-Hover-Sunglasses6:52 – Another one for my future LAV soundboard “WALKIN’ THA DOG.  WALKIN’ THA DOG”

Thoughts?  Are you like me and want to leave a pile of links somewhere then go grab a beer and some steak & lobster on the reg? #MotherfuckersNeverLovedUs #WorstBehavior

P.S. – Larry has been the shit lately, which is why I use the hover glasses pic now instead of “Pay attention to me, I’m important and famous”.   I feel that other one is now wildly disrespectful in light of recent videos.


Tromix brings the heat:

From the Tromix projects section of the website:

The latest and most insane creation by Tromix is this Siamese 223 for LAW Enforcement only. The synergistic exchange of gas tubes forces the expanding gasses from the lower rifle to the top rifle allowing it to cycle a cartridge into the top breach then fire when the bolt is closed. The gas from the top rifle is then sent back down to the lower rifle where the first empty round gets ejected and a new cartridge is loaded into the breach. It is a wicked wild ride when fired FULL AUTO.

Siamese-M16-TromixHaha that’s really awesome.  It would be cool to build such a thing with other gas operated rifles, and / or go past having just two… Like an M16 centipede.


Gat tip: SaysUncle


The Slow Mo Guys took a vacation from their oppressive country and got a taste of ‘Merica:

Mmmmm that 3rd receiver pin.  Really great footage… I like the audio too.

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackWow that mag dump really tossed the little guy around.



Richard Ryan builds a MK12 mod. 1 and shoots it at some dueling trees:

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-AWBI still haven’t seen Lone Survivor.. but it looks great and I’ve heard good things.

As always Richard’s slow motion footage is great.  Looks really cool when the round his the steel and fragments into a million pieces.  I should ask him sometime about the sound… or Richard if you read this please let us know in the comments.  Is that the real sound you’re always using from some mics you had set up… or sound effects added in post production?