Kicks knowledge then greases some things up:

Good stuff.  I just love the look of that gun… so utilitarian.  Nowadays we have to throw rails and useless beauty enhancements on everything.  This grease gun looks like a big pipe connected to a small pipe with some squares coming off of it.  Real talk.  Way before prettyboy Solidworks was around.

1:08 – “a deadass reliable magazine”  LOL deadass… Larry is from NYC?  That’s some slang right there.  There were some good deadass NY memes going around a while back.

Good slow motion in this video as usual.  Larry is the SLOMO GOAT.

3:24 – Hold up, is that a green bezel submariner?  I need to keep a list of Larrys watch flexes better.  I think this makes three rolexes (a black submariner, a pepsi GMT, and this green submariner) I’ve seen him wear.  Glad to see him thriving and staying slim.  Get that money Larry.

Maybe this grease gun is from Larry’s personal collection?  Or a buddy’s collection?  He “turned off” some stuff with it in the past.


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OOoooo yeah:

Larry-Vickers-Hover-SunglassesThe flechette round sounds like it would be cause for a bad day haha.

Weak that they didn’t let LAV shoot it, but the other footage was cool anyway.



Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyI listened to that “Larry turns it offffffffffff” jingle at the start like 5x before I continued to the video.

hahaha and that laugh at 0:36.

As short as these videos are, they are still cool.