thai-custom-barrett-computer-casehahahha whoa he went full Tactical-THAI on this one.  So heavy he can’t even shoulder it!  Does he want US Citizenship?  Because that’s how you get US citizenship :P


Gat tip: Kingof9x

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Arts and crafts in Japan:

Wow right?  I really hope this is a class at a Japanese university, where students are being taught to make these.

1:17 – Comparing real .50 BMG brass to his cardboard version.

9:35 – Demonstration then crowd reaction.  LOL reminds me of the Supa Hot Fire dope lines reaction.  AHHAHA.

Domo Arigato Monicas.  Your contribution to the culture is much appreciated.

Cardboard-Barrett-M82A1P.S. – If you turn on subtitles, then do an auto translation to English some of them are hilarious.  I’ll warn you that absolutely none of them make sense in this case.  LOL 4:07 – “It is preoccupied face down acceleration”.

Gat tip: Kei


Chaos311clarity takes care of business:

Like a sir!  I like mag dumps, but I also like hitting targets… so it’s an epic struggle when I’m out shooting.

That M82A1 is such a beast.



The same “15 yard sniper” from my previous post on the shooting of the iPhone, iPad, and iMac is back at it again with his Barrett M81A1:


If for nothing else, you need to watch the slow motion footage at 1:09.

Watching it in 1080p is a must!  Then back pull the slider back to watch the watermelon re-assemble.


Apparently the first post I made about the iPhone 4 Shot With .50 Caliber Rifle was just a teaser video… below is the extended video along with the other vids of the Apple products getting destroyed:


iPhone 4 Shot With .50 Caliber Rifle


iPad V.S. .50 Caliber Rifle


iMac V.S. .50 Caliber Rifle


I was hoping that kid doing the talking “Richard Ryan” was going to do the shooting and scope his eye or something… no luck.

The nicest hit by far was on the iMac. I don’t know where that “Sniper” learned to shoot, but the hit on the iPad and iPhone was not impressive at all considering at the distance he was at:


Very anticlimactic:


Not to mention the fact that it was a shitty shot.  I think a lot of people over estimate their shooting ability when making videos like this. Who knows how far back he was?  Obviously too far, considering he hit the phone in the bottom right corner.

I think if I was going to destroy a $300 phone I’d at least have a few different camera angles.

According to the description in the video, the rifle used was a Barrett M82A1: