How many of you nerds don’t know Poppy?

0:19 – *GASP!* Poppy lied to us… that’s an obvious snap cap round at.  THIS. IS. BULLSHIT! UNSUBSCRIBED! :P

282,000 views at the time of writing this post.  Not bad not bad haha.

I was going to say Poppy loads a Beretta 92FS, but I don’t know enough about 9mm Beretta models, and I knew if I got it wrong someone would be like “ACTUALLY Mike, that’s a M9 you newb”.

Thoughts?  You glad you know how to load a handgun now?  Would operate with Poppy? If you’re not familiar with her body of “work”, check out the amazing videos on her channel haha.

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Classy pistol promo vid from Beretta:

The very first Beretta semiautomatic pistol – the famous Mod. 1915 – was released in 1915. A hundred years later, Beretta decides to celebrate its 100th anniversary by releasing an outstanding Limited Edition pistol, based on the popular 92/98FS model. Steel frame, adjustable sights, polished barrel, laser micro-pattern engraving on the slide, wood-grips with dedicated medal, safety on the frame, premum-grade finishing and a special metal packaging enrich this model to create a truly unique masterpiece.

This video I muted and started up A$AP Rocky – 1Train, and it fit well.   The string instrument loop I feel matches the classiness of the pistol, and also Rocky says “Tell my A$AP killas get they pistols ready / send em to the cemetery with obituaries” which is fitting.

Beretta-92FS-CentennialI’ll probably add a Beretta 92 or M9 to the collection someday for the heck of it.  I’ve always wanted that gun, and they shoot nice.  I definitely won’t be spending $3000 on this Centennial model though… ya I’ll just buy a regular ass 92 / M9 for $600 and maybe class it up with similar looking walnut grips.  Yes I know it’s not the same gun as the Mod. 1915, but it looks close enough.  I love how on the official site Beretta just calls the grips “wood” on this centennial model haha… no shit Beretta I can see that.



Nice Deagle at 1:29 *eye roll*

As far as i’m concerned, Sons Of Guns is setting how firearm enthusiasts are viewed, back decades.  I’ve only see a couple of episodes, and I’m not an angry person but I really wanted to smash my TV numerous times while watching.

Classic move to just switch the gun out but pretend you’re still using it.   Discovery FAIL!

Discovery actually had this clip up on their site, but someone called them on their bullshit so they pulled it.

Stephanie Hayden (the Derptress herself) confronted on facebook about the incident:

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Remember the end of Die hard?  Well check out this tattoo: