ma deuce

Good name for a mixtape.  Gotta hit The Collector’s line and cook up a hit in the stu he no doubt also has in that nice house.

VERY nice range; this guy’s humble demeanor is incredible.  If I ever can afford a $400,000 indoor range, you fellas better hope they make 4k camera filters to hide the glare off all the gold I’m wearing.  Oh no.. the gold shirt guy whose name was Datta Phuge (pictured left) got beaten to death in 2016 😫.. we really live in a society.

1:54 – 👀 SIR THIS IS A RAVE.  Should put Sandstorm on for the background music.  I would have snapped and bought some JNCO Jeans without even realizing it.

3:18 – haha the camo floor.. that’s really cool too.

4:22 – My man is really gonna shoot a Ma Deuce in his basement.  Unreal 😂.


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Andy Ross (Yea I haven’t heard of him either but he has a nice tour bus) gets it done:

American-FlagI’m not mad at this video.  It’s been done before… oh well cool stuff anyway.

I started reading the About section on Andy’s website, but it’s white text on a black background and way too long so I lost interest.  Looks like he’s some sort of Bowhunter with a show on the Sportsman Channel in addition to the music.  I’m not sure what he’s more famous for.


The LAV and the Ma Deuce:

0:22 – “I repeat the LAV is on the way to the range”.  Haha good start… you just know Larry was like “we have to call me the LAV in the script at least once, preferably at the beginning”.  Subtle LAV scrawled on the ear pro at 3:08 too.

0:42 – Ohio Ordnance Works AHHAHHAHA their logo is like a struggle copy of Springfield Armory.  How is this even legal?


That M2 is a beauty wow.

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyOk I have to give Larry some credit, this first episode was awesome.   Slow motion is really on point, so many great shots!



Arguably Richard Ryan‘s most badass video yet:

That thing weighs 80lbs he says! haha whoa.

0:42 – That round hit a goat in Tijuana, and blew it into a million pieces.

Richard-Ryan-M2-Browning-Ma-DeuceRichard is fittingly wearing the California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt from ENDO Apparel of course, which is also now available in a long sleeve version for $3 more.



Carnik Con doing what they do best:

You really can’t go wrong with an M2 Browning… ever.  The MG 42, another great choice…. DAT ROF *bites bottom lip*.  I wouldn’t want to be footing the bill for an afternoon of shooting with either of those.

CarniK-Con-YouTubehahah his songs are always on point too.  “I dream of freedom, just me and my little machine gun. Born a free man, die a free man”… I know so many of you guys are thirsty for an album to drop.  Hope he releases one sooner or later.



Yea they are paintball M2 Browning’s, but the video is still really awesome:

The “making of” the video:

Audi-Paintball-ShootoutOh the fun you can have in an empty airplane hangar.  Damn those guys can drive!

That’s actually a half decent looking station wagon. Fast too.