machine gun

Royal Nonesuch is back at it.  Here’s a look at the inner workings of the build:

The test fire:

LOL I love how he just does it out in front of his garage.

The best thing ever is that he has his manufacturing license.   His semi-auto builds were epic and all, but seeing them in AUTO with suppressors and everything is a whole other level.


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Colin Furze builds an airsoft uzi briefcase:

Yea it’s airsoft, but the build is cool anyways if you’re at all interested in seeing how he puts it all together.

He has built some pretty cool stuff over the years.  I find some of the videos more annoying to watch than others, but all in all it’s a good time.



haha oh man:

From the video description: “I am an 07/02 SOT weapons manufacturer. Viewers are reminded that duplication of this device is a violation of federal and many state laws. Do not try this at home.”

Here’s a video he made of him dropping it in the semi auto lower and test firing it with blanks:

Fellas, I’m telling you… you better get rid of all your metal coat hangers and all your shoelaces too just to make sure.

Thoughts?  All my shoes are velcro and all my coat hangers are plastic.


Ahoy back at it:

If you’re interested in the M60 you should watch the video. Nothing really much to say.


This thing is quick:

Airsoft-Meme1:38 – “I probably should be wearing some safety glasses” <– famous last words.  haha then *safety squints* flash-overlaid in the video.

Just when I think the comments on gun related videos are bad, all I have to do is check out an airsoft related video like this one and my head explodes from all the stupidity.


I have no kids so I don’t know….  She’s pretty young haha:

Shooting-For-Boys-And-Girls-Comic-Book-CoverThe camo is on point.  Should have threw some eye protection and earplugs in the mix though.

Initially I was thinking maybe this video was going to go south quickly… like she’d hold the trigger down and one bi-pod leg would catch on the mat and she’d roll with the recoil and shoot her cameraman dad all in one swoop.