Machinegun Bebe

Yeager is cranking out these Ammonation episodes now:

The first and only episode before this was back in April, on that Bundy Ranch derp.  I’m not a Bundy Ranch history scholar or anything, but that whole thing seemed like a disaster of epic proportions.  Remember Cliven Bundy’s soapbox rant on race too? *smh*

Machinegun-BebeJames made $40,354 off the Kickstarter for AmmoNation, which was to fund the making of these episodes.  A lot of people were pissed off there weren’t already way more episodes and were complaining that $40k is a lot of money to make a few videos… sure on its own $40k can buy a few things, but you have to realize James’ time is worth well over $100 /hour (I’m guessing), and he had to buy cameras and editing equipment, fuel, etc… As he said in the past on other videos, he’s way over budget on it.  I believe that 100%.

I watched this entire episode and it wasn’t bad at all, but I didn’t really feel like this “Machinegun Bebe” deserved a whole 24 minutes of my time.   She’s cute and all, but why did I need to know about her upbringing, history, and current happenings?



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