Mark Serbu links up with Nick from ECCO Machine in CO:

Wow really impressive.  The impromptu nature of this video was awesome too… just met up in the parking lot of a Walmart and played with some homemade guns for a bit haha.

6:40 – WHOA.

12:00 – Holy this 9mm with the carbon fiber looks awesome too.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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CAD, machining, good production value..  you know I had to post it:

The Polenar Tactical squad made this video.  I always thought “Yea these guys aren’t bad with a camera”, but this video was VERY well done.  If their new AK Operator Training Video Series looks this nice when it’s complete, I’m sure it will do great.

Looks like Slovenia doesn’t play when it comes to weapons manufacturing.  I always feel so ignorant to the capabilities of the rest of the world after I see a video like this an am like “Wow, I didn’t think Slovenia was that sophisticated!”.  That’s really based of nothing particular besides my lack of worldly knowledge and the fact I can’t name anything Slovenian that I own or want to buy, so automatically I just make assumptions.

No matter how many times a machinist tries to tell me that you need to “program” CNC machines, I don’t think I’ll ever believe it.  It’s 2015 bro… I know you’re just taking my .stl file hitting the green button then spending the money I gave you on some cool new shit online. LOL

arex-slovenia-pistol4:18 – That’s a really nice looking handgun.  Kinda HK meets Sig-ish.  If you want to see the specs check out the AREX website.

Thoughts? Out of curiosity do they export these?


How to:

LOL the comments.  I find it hard to believe that the ATF itself is that worked up about this.  Politicians who don’t care to know any better, sure I can see that… but the ATF?  Surely there are bigger issues facing the F part of their job than people making AR-15 lowers off the books?  If not, I’d really like to see the stats on how many thousand murders happen every year with home machined AR-15 lowers.  The 2010 FBI crime statistic data for murders with weapons shows that rifles really aren’t used all that much in murders.  I look the liberty of totaling the columns from the FBI’s neatly provided Excel file and here’s what we have for the 2010 year:

  • Total Murders With Handguns – 6,009
  • Total Murders With Rifles – 358
  • Total Murders With Shotguns – 373
  • Total Murders With Firearms (type unknown) – 2,035

Total Murders With Firearms – 8,775

  • Total Murders With Knives or Cutting Instruments – 1,704
  • Total Murders With Other weapons – 1,772
  • Total Murders With Hands, Fists, Feet, Etc.. – 745

Total Murders With Weapons other than firearms – 4,221

Grand Total of Murders With Weapons – 12,996

Since we’re talking about rifles here, note that the FBI murder count for the year of 2010 is 358 people.  I’m not really sure why there are 2035 murders where the firearm is “unknown” (poor bookkeeping? poor state agency reporting?) but even if for kicks we say half them are rifles, that still makes rifles statistically less dangerous than knives.  Who knows though, since those stats are from 2010, maybe rifles have become the choice of murderers everywhere?  I doubt it, but maybe the ATF knows something we don’t.

I think it would be really interesting if we could get the numbers on how many of these murders were justifiable homicide.  This is EXTREMELY important.  Additionally, I’d like to know if suicide is included… because if it is I don’t think those numbers should count for obvious reasons.  Lastly, I’d like to know what percentage of the guns were owned legally, and how many were owned and used by already known criminals.

Whenever I see stats like this I can’t help but think to myself “…and people think firearms are the problem?”.  Look at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) Leading Causes Of Death data and tell me there aren’t bigger issues plaguing the country which should be focused on.


Gat tip: Dale


Some machine shop goodness from LaRue Tactical:

AR15-Barrel-Vibration-Dampener-BowjaxSome of you might find this type of thing boring.  I really like machining and automation, espeically when it’s firearm or clothing related.

No LaRue isn’t making barrel dampeners (pictured left)… yet.  Maybe they’ll be operator enough someday.



This is out of hand!

As soon as I saw the title of the post I knew it was going to be about carving, and I already had some jokes ready like “CONFIRMED: Hickok45 is old” … yea it was a work in progress.  I started the video up though and HOLY SHIT.  Turns out he didn’t make them, but regardless they are amazing.

The company that makes them is called Wood Caliber, and they are based out of Davison, MI.  The M1911A1 on their website is currently starting at $1800… keep in mind it’s basically a piece of artwork.  There is no question those things would take a long time to build, by hand or by machine.

Wood-1911-HandgunYou know I have to ask… When is the Deagle brand Deagle and Glock brand Glock coming out in wood?  Well there actually already is a wood Glock which I posted about, but it’s not as impressive… I also posted a wood FN SCAR and a Canadian C7 (M16 Equivalent) Rifle which are quite impressive.



Since I know most of you are looking to waste time on the clock at work:

Remington had some pretty high tech equiptment back in 1969!  I figured a lot more would have been done by hand in the initial stages.

I wonder how much hands-on treatment each rifle gets today at Remington?  My guess is everything that can be automated is.  It’s not as romantic, but they only would have done it to increase throughput in in effort to meet demand and keep stacking that cash.