mad max

Built by Howe & Howe, based off their RipSaw vehicle.  I believe I’ve posted about that company before, drooling over one of their other vehicles.

The movie will feature it with a Chrysler Valiant Charger body attached to the top of it as pictured:


Seems very capable.  Would operate with!  It’s cool that they actually do hardcore stuff like this for movies still, rather than just making something lame look cool in post production.

Make sure you check out the Mad Max trailer if you already haven’t.  It looks very intense.  Release date is May 15, 2015 (this Friday).  Who’s going?  It has a 9/10 on IMDB already haha.



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Camron-Bill-Oreilly-U-MadSure a lot of action in this trailer.  I hope they didn’t just spoil all the entertaining parts of the movie in one swoop.

May 15th is when it opens.  Who’s going?


New Mad Max movie:

mad-max-afghanistan-the-big-caption-pictureI liked the original Mad Max.  This one looks quite different, but as long as the story is good I’m sure it will be entertaining.  Lots of explosions and gunplay that’s for sure.

Thoughts?  Anyone have this high on their “must see” list?  If so, looks like you’re going to have to wait until 2015.