Picatinny Arsenal know how to play the game to get the views:

From the video description:

The Army has begun fielding the new 5.56mm 30 round Improved Magazine that delivers a significant increase in reliability for the battle-tested M16 and M4 weapons systems. Bolstering the already high reliability ratings of the M16/M4 systems, the Improved Magazine effectively reduces the risk of magazine-related stoppages by more than 50 percent compared to the older magazine variants. Identified by a tan-colored follower, over 500,000 of the improved magazines have been fielded to units in Iraq, Afghanistan and in the U.S.

There are a few things I would tweak…. they definitely should have called the magazine a “clip”, rather then putting 30 round they should have put “30 bullet”, oh and 5.56mm should have been 5.56 inch.



Tru piehitters need to get up on this:

Ugggggggh well $20 over on ebay. ¬†If the Meat Hammer baseplates weren’t stylish enough for you to grind up your hands on a reload, maybe these will suffice? ūü§Ē


Gat tip: @p226nut


Interesting idea.  Lets people practice dry firing without having to rack the slide every time to reset the trigger:

This guy doesn’t like it much. ¬†He talks about¬†how it’s not identical to an actual trigger pull:

$99 on their website. ¬†Seems kind of $teep to me. ¬†I’m really surprised that someone (or Glock) hasn’t been able to develop some drop in solution that exactly mimics the stock trigger. ¬†I’m not a huge fan of dry-fire-then-slide-racking, but I’m also not a fan of not having the exact same trigger pull… more because I’d be annoyed more than anything else. ¬†I’m aware you can get “trigger reset kits”, but those aren’t exactly a easy fix because they require swapping of parts.



*sobbing* LOL somebody come get their girl:

This is how it works.

The quick pins and the mag drop are a combined price of $200 from Cross Armory.

Painful. ¬†So painful. ¬†Every time I see one of these California related products I piece of me dies. ¬†I’m still on an IV recovering from the Bolt Action Glock conversion, and the magazine sidecar loader.

Thoughts?  You thinking of getting into this flaming dumpster of a market?


Full story over at Savannah Now. 

591 cartons at a value of $2.1M is a nice seizure.  Just like everything else, one has to wonder how much of this type of thing gets through.

So the issue was they called them “Glock Magazines” on the packaging, and not “Magazines for the Glock”. ¬†A google image search as to what SGM brand packaging looks like seems to confirm that it was them, including calling them “Glock Magazines”. ¬†It blows my mind that people are looking to save a few bucks and get a non Glock magazine.


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KILL ME NOW.  This is too painful:

A device that lets you full up your 10 round fixed magazine without the need to break down the firearm. ¬†Put the contraption in the AR-15 ejector port and press the thumb ring slider to strip the rounds into the magazine. ¬†Wow… this is what it has come to guys. ¬†A whole sub-industry to create work around products for states with terrible laws.

To make things even more painful, this is what the website suggests:

Simply keep your AR-15 unloaded with an MA-Loader close by. One push and you are loaded & ready.

$40 over at Mean Arms.

Watching a video of it in use, although hilarious and sad; it seems to work really well:

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Thoughts? ¬†Are you concerned that now the gangbangers and criminals will buy these and be able to reload quickly? (that was a joke… like any of them would stoop to this retarded level out of ANY laws they would choose to obey). ¬†Like “Robbing a liquor store is ok, but miss me¬†with that 30 round non fixed magazine shit homie. ¬†I ain’t going back to jail.” haha.