This juvenile looking work of art:


The cover story for the Dec. 14 of the New Yorker issue is entitled,” Shopping Days,” in which writer Eric Drooker asks: “What would it look like if I took America’s obsession with firearms to its logical extreme?”  The source of this picture goes on to talk about “the too-easy access to military-grade weapons” right on cue.

Meh… well at least he put the iron sights, EOtech, and the Magpul AFG facing the correct direction.  That magazine is looking awfully straight and QUITE assaulty.  New neva-bin-done-befo 45 round straight magazine maybe?  The grenades *eye roll* were a nice touch too.. oh and the milk.

I searched google images to see if the rest of Eric Drooker’s art is as mediocre.  Thankfully it’s not.



TacDaddy does An interview with a guy from the company, explaining this new magazine:

Man… shooting range interviews.  There always has to be someone mag dumping some type of cannon as soon as a camera starts rolling haha *smh*.  I know those guys are at Big 3 to demonstrate their products, but they should have a quieter area where interviews are done or something.

Here’s a video from the company demonstrating its functionality:

TorkMag’s dual spring, balanced torque system actively equalizes force on the nose and tail of loaded rounds, preventing the bolt- over-base and bullet nose diving malfunctions that have plagued large magazines.  Because their workload is shared, both springs can be scaled down without sacrificing optimum resistance and reliability. The springs’ reduced footprint beneath the follower allows our design to be highly space efficient.

Torkmag-AR15-Magazine$22 for the 35 round magazine, $40 for the 50 round stilt over at TorkMag.  Oh wow, a new company WITH a functional website, and products in stock… that rarely happens.  If it functions as well in reality, I like the idea.  Sure a 2nd spring is another potential point of failure, I get it.  Any operators want to weigh in?  Is this a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist since anti-tilt followers were invented?


As #4 on their 12 must have things, in the FALL 2015 magazine supply drop:


ballistic-magazine-fall-2015-coverOooooooooh yeaaahhhhh.  You can check out the full list at Tactical-Life for a lot of other neat items too.

Ballistic is a really cool looking magazine… If you’re interested in a subscription check here for your options.

If you’re interested in an A2 flash hider bottle opener they are available at ENDO Apparel of course.


5.56… no matter the color:

Magpul-Banana-Clipshaha Mike Lamb and Panty-Oh delivered it on this one.

The dyeable mags were a good idea for them to release.  People love customization.


Gat tip: Tim


G29 10 round magazine meets the flamez:

There’s beauty in the melting.  With a pure white background and some ominous music, it would be right at home in a Warhol exhibit.

This guy has the same PHd in science as Mattv2099.  I wonder if they studied under the same Trollfessor?

Glock-Diamond-Bedazzled-Pendant-JewelryI was entertained more by this 9 minute video than the whole recent season of True Detective.


Gat tip: Bryce


Dustin said “Wowzers”… I have to agree with that astute assessment of this situation:

FN-FAL-Call-Of-DutyFor real FN?  You gonna do the FNX Tactical dirty like that?  It’s supposed to be for operators! That could be the difference between life or death on a mag change in a high stress situation.

0/10 would not operate with.