magnum research

Zebra print.  It’s lit:


There’s really nothing else to say but it’s in Magnum Research’s blood.  Just shy of $1800 with the “where to buy” on the plug’s website.

hahaha ya dig?

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Just in case you forget what type of gun you own, it kindly reminds you:



It’s just too bad there wasn’t more room on the slide for a larger font.  It would have been classier if those slide serrations weren’t in the way, and they could have engraved “MAGNUM RESEARCH” about 1 inch high on there too.

Jokes aside I’m sure it’s a perfectly great 1911.  You can pick it up only at Cabela’s for between $750 and $1100.

Thoughts?  Do you wish “.45 ACP” was engrave really large somewhere too?


Jesse Ingall flexes his Deagle brand Deagle access:


What a dick… here I am without even one Deagle brand Deagle, and he has his hands on 13. :P

If you didn’t notice, he’s also got one of my Deagle shirts from ENDO Apparel on.  Size medium, that’s why the print looks so big.

I dare someone to send me an original pic of them with more Deagles.  If you can deliver on that I’ll send you a free shirt of your choice.



Deagles really have a way of bringing out the derp in people:

Jello Wrists!  Watching him shoot at the range is painful.

Judging by the way the guy shoots, and his terrible trigger discipline you’ll probably have to worry about a negligent discharge “on his watch”.

There are a few other videos over on his youtube page.  Although they are all pre April fools day, I’m not really 100% sure they are not a joke.  His “Finnisher” character obviously created in an attempt to impress chicks and stroke his ego is almost too good to be true.

If I lived anywhere near Houston TX I’d stop by there just to investigate.


Hat tip: Ron


At a price tag of ~$7000 that’s not something you’d ever see me buying.

Man i’m sick of that accent.  For some reason the production value of his video seems to have gone way down.  Now he’s just another guy that shoots stuff, but happens to have millions of kids following him.


Slow DEAGLE *duh da duh da da da da* take it eaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzy:

The videos are silent, so I recommend the theme music I embedded above to be started up before hand.

I was expecting more pinky rings and gold Rolex day-dates in the videos, but I suppose it’s hard out there for a pimp in today’s economy.

There are a couple other slow motion pistol videos on the khar arms youtube channel, but they aren’t of the deagle so who really cares.

Has this sold any of you on a deagle?  Or did you cringe seeing that 25lb. slide slowly go back on every shot like I did?