Magpul truly is one of my favorite companies across any industry.

Just now I started thinking of reasons why I like the company so much, and what I was coming up with was basically Dieter Rams’ 10 principles of good design.  Couple that with reasonable prices ($125 in this case for the drum magazines), and they’ve got nothing but hits.  The only product I can think of which isn’t universally loved is their B.A.D. Lever.  The couple products that did initially have issues, they fixed right up by releasing a new generation.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Full potato on this clip:

There was a period of time a bunch of years back, when cool guys NEEDED a bad lever on their rifle.  I don’t really hear all that much about them any more, but I’m sure they’re still very popular.   If you can’t tell what’s going on in the video, he hits the lever then proceeds to pull the trigger when the gun is at like a 45 degree angle 😬😫.  Obviously not the fault of the B.A.D. lever at all, but probably wouldn’t have happened if he would have hit the bolt release or pulled the charging handle like you normally would have to.

Vigilant Spectre weighs in:

1:51 – I have to timestamp this so you guys make sure to pay attention. Very nice words were spoken about this blog and the content, which made my day.  Him and his crew really did make so many appearances on here back in the day haha, I’m surprised he even talks to me tbh.  He obviously has a sense of humor though, and realizes it was all in good fun.  Now he’s a famous gun YouTuber with 282,000+ subs, and lots of advertisers.

His original video from back in January where he bashes it in great detail for 14 minutes and prophecises the ND shown at the top of the post haha:

Thoughts?  You running a B.A.D. lever on any of your ARs?  I never got into that, mainly because I’m obsessed with minimal setups and not interested in fixing things that already work.


Two versions… the FDP-9 (Folding Defensive Pistol) and the FDC-9 (Folding Defensive Carbine).

Big link. Magpul 🤝 Zev Technologies to make the magic happen; you love to see it.  I’ve been thinking of this gun (along with everyone else) since the 2008 SHOT SHOW… I’m actually surprised it’s taking them this long to do, since I can’t even remember the last time the entire internet was so hyped over something.  Oh well it’s happening now (well, the year 2022) so that’s good to see.  If you weren’t born yet, or were too young to remember the 2008 SHOT video they previewed on the TV in the above promo, here it is:

Walk your dog, take the garbage out, get the mail… haha timeless.

If you click the Magpul link above it goes into the legality of the setup.

Thoughts? I should also mention that if you’re looking to put an AR-15 brace or stock on your Glock, I’ve been making my stock adapter for the Glock (GEN 1,2,3) for years now. Will I ever come out with the GEN4/5? Maybe. I’ve had the prototype done for ages.


One of my favorite companies, period:

Good stuff, Happy Birthday my dudes.  Magpul is one of those companies, where everything they make is nicely designed and works properly.  You wouldn’t think that would be too much to ask, but seriously if you spend some time in any industry there is so much garbage; it’s refreshing when you find a company whose products live up to (and exceed) your expectations.



New pouch alert.  The Daka:

Magpul-LogoMagpul calls it “the toughest pouch in the world”.  A bold claim which I seriously hope fathers several dozen fan made YouTube videos with all sorts of shenanigans.

Made in the USA from reinforced polymer fabric with an anti slip texture, welded construction, water repellent zipper, 550 paracord tab on the zipper etc.. Wooooooo. I hope my girlfriend doesn’t read that it has a carabiner attachment point. I was just making fun of her janitor-esque keychain bundle held together by a carabiner the other day. It was perfect timing that some lesbians in the movie “Sisters” (Tina Fey and Amy Poehler) we watched around the same time cracked a carabiner joke. The movie actually was pretty funny, just don’t watch the trailer if you don’t want most of the good jokes to be spoiled.

The pouch comes in three different sizes and ranges in price from $17 – $30.  Looks great for travel!  Now if only they could make tough travel size liquid bottles that wouldn’t explode face wash, shampoo and conditioner (yes I use conditioner, I’m not a savage) all over my belongings, I’d be set.



Looks good to me:

travis-haley-magpul-dynamics-CEOI own a GEN1 UBR and really like it.  Yes it’s incredibly heavy, but you could also run it over with a tank and it would probably be fine.  Looks like they reduced the weight by 20% for this new version, so that’s cool.  Like we operators say “Ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain bro” ;).  Reducing the cost by 25% down to $200 is always nice too.  Definitely not as affordable as most of their other stocks, but trust me if this GEN2 is anything like the GEN1 (which it looks to be), then it’s worth every penny.  Protip: The trap door is perfect for snacks.

Magpul’s new site is breathtaking.  Even if you’re not in the market for anything gun related, just click the link to breeze through and marvel at its greatness.


Gat tip: Jim