Magpul is the plug:

Magpul-Tight-Pants-Tight-GroupingsMagpul is outchea fusing polymer to leather #NevaBinDoneBefo’. The old fat white guys are going to love this shit. Eddie Bauer and Tommy Bahama shirts are going to be so tucked this Fall/Winter 2015. Regarding the belt… “Look at that subtle coloring. The tasteful thickness.”. “Oh my God. It even has a Magpul logo.”

Poking fun aside, there’s really not too much you can do to revolutionize belts. With all Magpul’s R&D capabilities I would have liked to see them invent a new low profile buckle, rather than using a $2 one I could pick up at Tandy leather. Since the beginning my motto has always been – ask not what you can do for Magpul, but what Magpul can do for you. Roll call; who’s with me?


Not bad not bad:

Magpul-Tight-Pants-Tight-GroupingsThese calendars are all the same, but they all are pretty cool.  I feel so mature now; whenever I meet a really attractive girl whose doing nothing impressive with her life besides being attractive I’m like “meh, next”.  There’s just way too much of that going around, it’s not at all interesting.  Any girl who eats properly, walks around every now and then, and doesn’t drink too much can be thrown in some skimpy clothes and look very close to these girls.  All very nice ladies in the video I’m sure, but tell me some of them are business owners, have degrees etc. and I’d care a lot more.  That’s one of the things that sucks about Tinder, you’re just going off the pictures and wittiness of your banter with them before you both decide you have nothing better to do than to meet up and see if you find each other terrible or not in real life.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?


5.56… no matter the color:

Magpul-Banana-Clipshaha Mike Lamb and Panty-Oh delivered it on this one.

The dyeable mags were a good idea for them to release.  People love customization.


Gat tip: Tim


Jay Leno shoots the shit with Mike Mayberry, co-founder of the bike company and then takes it out for a ride:

magpul-roninInteresting interview if you’re into bikes or design.  I really always liked the look of it, but at $38,000 – $41,000 you can buy more than one (like 3 or 4) brand new, better performing bikes instead.  The novelty here is that you have 1 of 47 though.  Unsurprisingly they aren’t selling like hotcakes… it looks like maybe half of them are gone at the current moment.

You can read more about the Ronin over at The 47 website.

Gat tip: Rich


Blessings on blessings:

travis-haley-magpul-dynamics-CEODammmmmmmmmmmn!  Looks good like all of their stuff.  Would operate with.

Hopefully they get into the 10/22 magazine game now too (they are already in the Glock magazine game).  There needs to be something Magpul reliable at a cheaper price point than the Ruger BX mags.



OMG Jennifer a magazine you can dye any color.  I’m LITERALLY DYING.. I CAN’T EVEN:

travis-haley-magpul-dynamics-CEOMeh… cool I guess, as long as the price is close to the same as the standard black.  Nothing I’ll be running out to grab, but hey if people are thrilled this exists then that’s awesome.

Maybe the NRA will buy them to give to schools for the Eddie Eagle program as a handout to take home and dye with their parents?  haha wishful thinking right?

Thoughts?  Are you really amped these exist?