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He didn’t even leave the stu.¬† It’s catchy, that’s for sure.

Thoughts?¬† Leaving the song out of it, is “Glock VS Makarov” something that ever gets debated?¬† I like them both, but they are from a different era, and not really that comparable.

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A holster idea a one-product Spanish company thinks is so innovative, they named their company Eureka:


Let me just put it out there that I see absolutely no reason for anyone to carry a modern handgun without one in the chamber.

+1 for the good looking Spanish product rep / police officer, even though she obviously shoots like a total newb judging by the video.

-1 for the lame motorcycle drive-by shooting

This video gives you a better look at how the holster operates with different brands of handguns:

  • 2:04 – Oh LAWD.. did he just eject a live round with his entire hand in front of the barrel? ¬†I sure hope that was a snap cap or an inert round; bad practice though either way.
  • 2:45 – Again… Sure doesn’t look like a snap cap. ¬†Only hope now is an inert round.
  • 3:12 – Primer missing… I can rest easy. ¬†(hahah I was actually going to delete these last 3 lines once I saw this, but I figured one of you guys would freak out in the comments too)

You might remember that the Russians have a similar holster for their Makarov pistols (Because the spetsnaz are obviously also so damn high-speed). ¬†Theirs though you can push the gun straight through, unlike this Spanish one where you have to push down to load the firearm, then yank back up on it to get it out of the holster. ¬†My guess is the “innovation” in this Spanish one which they think is¬†patentable¬†is that aspect alone.

In addition, what an absolutely excruciating logo they have (pictured right).¬†LOL a glowing brain inside a globe, with blue lightening coming out of it. ¬†ROFL I couldn’t even make stuff like that up. ¬†I think I threw up a bit in my mouth.

Head over to Eureka’s website for the¬†more pictures and info.



In which he trumps the stupidity displayed in all of his other vids…

Rather than feeling honored, I think i’ll jump in the shower and try to wash off this dirty feeling I have.

Ugh and sitting on the toilet seat with pants on?  He will probably spend the rest of the week in those pants too.  Sweet mother of god that guy is dirty.

Trolls gonna troll..


I cringed multiple times during this:

If you look through more of his vids, you can see that this guy definitely has achieved mega-troll status.

This wasn’t the first time he shot indoors either.

Ugh, that house looks so filthy. Not to mention the fact he just added to the filth by discharging 8 rounds of 9×18 with not a care in the world for all the burnt powder etc.. that comes with it.


I know the whole “cokeman” persona is apparently an act.. but I want to punch this guy in the face¬†every time¬†he opens his mouth:

Shooting inside my house is not something i’d do unless I had an actual range. ¬†Whatever floats your boat though.

He’s wearing dirty looking shoes, and has shitty carpet so I suppose what does he have to lose as long as it’s done safely as possible.


Finding it has turned into somewhat of an obsession:

As a young freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela stepped out of a farmhouse hideout in South Africa, took 20 strides and dug a hole on the sprawling land. ¬†He leaned over, put in a semiautomatic pistol and 200 rounds of ammunition, and carefully put a khaki uniform over them. ¬†After covering them with heaps of soil, he sauntered back into his rural hideout in northern Johannesburg — hoping to retrieve them soon.

He never got a chance to fire a shot with the Makarov pistol. A few weeks after he buried it at the farm in Rivonia, he was hurled into prison for the next 27 years. ¬†That was in 1962, and the whereabouts of the gun — now estimated at $3 million — remain a mystery, said Nicholas Wolpe, the chief executive of Liliesleaf Farm, the former hideout now converted into a museum.

Full Story – HERE

50 years in the ground, with only a khaki uniform wrapped around it? ¬† Yea I’d say that’s pretty much rust-dust by now.