man at arms

This is awesome:

From the same guys who made the Predator hand blades!

1:41 – Whenever I see a torch of any type, even on screen I always have a quick reaction to turn away.  My eyes are very sensitive to light, and I thought I messed them up a few times by accident.

Halo-Gravity-Hammer3:00 – At 5+ feet high, and with all this metal I can already tell this thing is going to be deadly heavy.  Note: toward the end of the video when it’s completed it’s actually 6′ high and 100 lbs haha.

6:40 – Meh.  I liked the way it looked in raw metal too.  Now it looks like plastic, but I guess that’s true to the look in the game.

7:19 – Ok ok it actually does look pretty cool in this shot.

7:23 – These dudes are going to hurt their wrists / backs haha.

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