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Dustin Ellermann (same dude that was on top shot) posts a couple questionable pics:



The full facebook post is here… Facebook (like YouTube) always has such a wide range of comments, ranging from intelligent to so dumb you wonder how the person was actually able to have their brain tell their fingers what keys to press on the keyboard to express their thoughts.  If you’re looking to kill some time, just scroll through and read a few to see what I mean haha.

As you can see, apparently sights are overrated for 2/3 of the guys anyway.  *smh*.  Also, that one guy has a slidefire stock!    Oh and you probably saw the Sig SB15 with the vert grip on the first guy wearing (What are thooooooooose) Crocs and the highlighter green shirt (great shoe choice and shirt color too for potential combat)… I’m assuming naturally he has the gun AOW’d, because I’m not one of those stamp snitches.  Someone brought up my Never Shoulder Never Forget shirt further down in the comments, and Dustin said he liked it haha.

Thoughts?  Better than nothing you say?  I say let the people who are trusted enough to carry guns in other countries to fight for our freedom, carry them on US soil to protect their (and our) lives.

Gat tip: Say Uncle

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Hell yea:

If you ask me everyone needs a KA-BAR.  I’ve got their classic USMC fighting knife with the leather sheath.

Nothing beats a good “making of” video…


Hat tip: Chris


Brief Synopsis:

  • Katy Perry catches her boyfriend kissing some skank at his work, dumps him and makes a spur of the moment decision at a gas station to join the Marine Corps.
  • Hacks her hair off for some reason (not required for a female Marine, but more dramatic I suppose)
  • Wraps her boobs in tensor bandage (huh? Did she sprain one of them? Yea who knows… there goes 72.9% of the male viewers)
  • Dons Zinc colored American Apparel hoodie (Excellent choice… one of my favorites)
  • Trades in her clothes for a uniform
  • Gets reamed out by a drill instructor, likely for making herself look butch
  • Does some USMC training stuff all while maintaining fantastic trigger discipline

Meh.. i’ll take it.  That would really suck if you had to pull the charging handle back after every shot like she appears to be doing at 2:06

The multiple flashes of her “Ice” watch felt a lot like product placement.  Probably because it was. Pretty lame looking Rolex Submariner copy.

Terminal Lance kills it on a related comic:




Nah not really.. just a poor logo decision:

Marine Corps scout snipers used the logo of the notorious Nazi SS organization while in Afghanistan in 2010, the service acknowledged Thursday.

We get it: Scout Sniper = SS … still what a terrible idea.

Full story at Marine Corps Times.

I hate to overuse *facepalm* graphics, so just know that the facepalm is implied.

Maximilian, the cartoonist that does Terminal Lance knocks it out of the park with this comic.



Justin Timberlake accepted Corporal Kelsey DeSantis’ youtube invitation to the USMC 236th birthday ball and had a blast.

I’ve always been very vocal about my support of our Armed Forces. I’ve always felt like they offered us the opportunity to live our lives freely without the fear that so many other nations have to endure still to this day. And, they do it without asking for anything in return. I had this very feeling walking into this dinner. So, to say I was stoked to be there would be more than accurate.

Read the full recount over at Justin Timberlake’s own site – HERE

The more I read, watch, and hear about Justin Timberlake, the more awesome I think he is.  I wouldn’t crank his music to 11 because that’s not my style, but I can appreciate the incredible talent.   Also, I think it goes without saying, but every one of his appearances on SNL (skits, performances, lonely island songs etc..) were mind blowing.


My favorite online comic strip, now available in book format:

Whether you’ve served or not;  if you have any interest in the military and have a sense of humor, I strongly suggest you follow Terminal Lance.

The book contains comic strips #1-100 in addition to some extra stuff.  Alternately, you can read all the comics on the website if that’s more your style.  What ever you do, make sure to start at #1!

Terminal Lance website – HERE

The book can be bought for $20 – HERE

Note: For those of you that don’t know what “Knife-Hands” are, see this particular comic.