How Marines Breach:

haha “Blanket Man” out of context sounds like the lamest nickname on earth.  I had no idea USMC carried around a ballistic blanket.  I just figured they stood a hand full of yards adjacent to where the blast is going to be coming out.  What’s the point of standing right in front of the blast?  That blanket must be quite heavy seeing as it’s a lot of layers of kevlar.  I know how much kevlar vests weight, so that has to weigh at least 6x what a vest would because it’s so big.

Linus-BlanketIf I was blanket man, I would really own the nickname by getting a Linus (from peanuts) tattoo.  Maybe even Gucci Mane style on my cheek.

Would operate with.


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Marine survives headshot thanks to Kevlar helmet:

uncle-sam0:19 – Crazy!  I never served, but if I would have I bet I’d have a cool nickname characterized by my overzealous use of airstrikes.  Oh one of our boys got grazed on the helmet by a sniper round? “CALL IN AN AIRSTRIKE!”… Cpl McGribley tripped over a rock which was definitely placed there by ISIS or the Taliban? “CALL IN AN AIRSTRIKE”.  PFC Johnson has athletes foot?  “AIRSTRIKE!”.  Why take any chances?

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50% of the trainees fail the confidence test they said.  Yea the smart ones are likely like “HA no thanks, you guys are idiots”.  Looks like about 50 yards only, but still…

Dave-Chappelle-Rick-JamesIs Tactical Response doing balloon confidence tests yet?  Do they get the downrange photographer to hold the balloons?  Seems reasonable (see justification here). haha



Piers uses his usual buzzwords; “assault” “killing machines” etc… but surprisingly treats this guest with respect:

A sharp contrast from the Alex Jones mess.  Joshua Boston is the type of guy I’d like people to think, of and associate with the terms “gun owner”, “gun enthusiast”, or even “veteran”.  There is currently so much of a stigma attached to all three of those.

Marine-Joshua-Boston-USMCYou can read the letter he wrote to Feinstein, over at CNN.



Federal prosecutors said former Staff Sgt. Joel Cleve Miller, 40, was found guilty of possession of an illegal chrome AK-47 that he smuggled back from Iraq during a 14-month tour in 2005.  When he returned to his home in Hemet, he bragged to several friends that he smuggled the gun back after it once belonged to Saddam Hussein’s Royal Guard.

Full Story – HERE

As they say “Loose lips lose priceless AK’s and could end up doing 10 years in federal prison”.  Dumbass…

Is the issue more that it’s an NFA weapon? Or that he smuggled it back?  Or both?  I’m just wondering which is considered more serious.  Like if I was there and smuggled Saddam’s gold toilet seat back would I be in just as much trouble?


This is amazing:

I’d quote a line from it, but it’s all awesome. I really can’t get enough of “Shit ____ say” videos.

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