Fear-And-Loathing-In-Las-Vegas“Unknown to the troops, the drug (LSD) was added to the water on the 2nd day”.  Holy… that’s a sneaky move.

Nothing like drugging a bunch of grown men who carry knives and rifles, and hoping for the best.  Pretty funny how they were all LOL’ing (and some ROFL’ing) though. I don’t know anything about LSD, but I’m guessing they were pretty confident it wasn’t going to make any of the Marines violent. Seems like carelessness (such as muzzle direction and trigger discipline etc…) due to being high out of your mind would be a concern though not? Who knows maybe all their rifles were unloaded for this exercise anyway.

Since the point of the test was to find a non-lethal method of incapacitating enemy forces, I wonder how they planned on doing that?  Would they make prisoners of war drink water with the LSD like in the video? Or would they apply it on a large scale to the areas enemy forces occupied, by LSD-fogging from a plane or something?

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They sing the song from the movie Grease:

haha good times… good times.  This is what happens when there are no girls around and no one to shoot at.

John-Travolta-GreaseThey sure don’t have very strict grooming requirements there!



Commander In Chief and the Turkish Prime Minster didn’t want to get wet:

Obama-Rain-Marines-UmbrellaPeople were shitting a brick over this on the internet the last couple days.  I’m sure there were worse things those two Marines have done, and will do than hold an umbrella for their boss in the White House Rose Garden.

Today’s Terminal Lance comic on the topic was pretty awesome.  That would have been pretty damn funny if one of those marines was like “HA, I’m not holding an umbrella for you”.  I don’t even know what would have happened after that, but I’m assuming it would be met with a quick dishonorable discharge.

Thoughts?  Did this enrage you?


The 266 Rein Marines are back at it:

Nice to see them having fun during the downtime.

Make sure to check out the Britney Spears one they did earlier in the year if you missed it.


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Note: For those of you that don’t know what “Knife-Hands” are, see this particular comic.


Really Marine Corps…. Really?

From the Crosman press release:

According to Crosman Vice President of Marketing, Roy Stefanko, “Saying that we’re excited about this agreement is an understatement. It is truly an honor to be chosen by the U.S. Marine Corps in facilitating a project of this magnitude. By introducing a complete line of airsoft products branded “Marines Airsoft,” we recognize a strategic business opportunity that will benefit a revered organization, as well as contribute to our continued growth in the airsoft category,” said Stefanko.

Chosen by the U.S. Marine Corps?  So the USMC was actively looking for a company to produce some shitty airsoft guns for kids?  Wow.. nice… :roll:

Also, explain to me how having the eagle, globe and anchor logo plastered all over some Chinese made plastic guns is going to help the USMC?

You can check out Crosman’s current lineup of crap – HERE