Mark Dice

Mark Dice with another petition for people to sign:

constitutionOh wow… round up all gun owners, put them into FEMA camps and execute them?  No one was even listening before they signed.  This is exactly why I think petitions (wait… MOST petitions) are useless.

I posted some more Mark Dice petition videos in the past… funny / scary stuff.



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Street troll Mark Dice hits the beach in San Diego to ask the question:

memorial-day-folded-flag-cemeteryNobody cares;  that generally sums it up.  All most people know is they get a day off work, and there are possibly some sales at the stores they like that weekend.

Sad stuff.  Thoughts?


Mark Dice does what he does best and trolls hard:

Assault-Pressure-Cooker-JokeGod people are so dumb it’s frightening.  Like did you not even hear what the man was asking you to sign, and process it in your little brain? *smh*


Hat tip: Taylor


Making sure only the criminals have guns:

2:02 – A young girl, the first intelligent one with “but I own guns, so no”.  The rest of them did not even read what they were signing, or even listen to what he was saying.  They just heard guns and were like “MRRRRRRAAAAAAHHH BAN THEM where do I sign?”

constitutionYou might remember Mark Dice from when he hit the LBC for a long gun open carry event (Unfortunately not a mission to find Mr. Warren G, although rumor has at some point Mark did see a car full of girls and they all knew what was up with 213).


Hat tip: Jon