Mark Kessler

Wow, this is impressive:

You probably don’t remember this insignificant tantrum throwing princess, so here’s a refresher.  I’ve posted a few things on this blog almost  every single day since late 2008 and I can say with complete confidence that this guy takes the cake for douchebaggery.  I’m actually impressed.  I wish I could be like “Oh, he probably is just trying to make a name for himself by doing this… and he took acting lessons to be like that” etc… but no, this is impressive because it’s real.  I honestly can’t believe people like this actually exist, and can function within society in any manner.

This guy is his own worst enemy, which I’m predicting will also be the cause of his own demise almost certainly before he dies of old age.  Probably quite soon if he comes for the politicians with that m4 as he so eloquently stated at the end of the video.  His blood pressure must be through the roof.

Mark-Kessler-Loudmouth-DouchebagWhat a fine representation of Law Enforcement and ambassador of the 2nd Amendment in general. *eye roll* Unsurprisingly if you check his facebook pages, he’s a hero to so many.



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Over these videos which are still getting panties and manties in knots since his suspension:

0:00 – “Caught on video cursing and firing off guns.” – haha he was hardly “caught” on video.

1:38 – His life and the lives of his family members have been threatened?  Seriously WTF?  Why?  I don’t think the videos are indicative of how a law enforcement officer should represent themselves, never mind a chief… but at the end of the day no one deserves to have their life threatened over something like this.  I can’t imagine how the threat would have even been delivered… “I saw your video and I didn’t like it *insert threat here*“.  Some people are so dumb, it’s painful.

1:45 – Doesn’t regret the videos he made

2:05 – Provide guns to children! haha yea that will go over well.  He clarified it a bit with the “if need be” part, which I do agree with.  I’ve always said kids should have a healthy respect for firearms and know how to use them.  Typical media blowing everything out of proportion initially like “Kessler wants to give guns to children as long as they can use them” *eye roll*.

Mark-Kessler-Loudmouth-Douchebag2:40 – “Kessler also thinks citizens should also not rely on police to save them.” – Church.

3:00 – Kessler says he will get a buyout of $100k from his down if he’s forced out.  Quite a bit of ammo money to make some more troll videos with.

Thoughts?  I feel like Kessler probably has some good ideas, but his delivery in the few videos he put out was so awful and abrasive they were hard to grasp.


Hail To The Chief. Remember this douchebag?


Kessler remained defiant even after learning on this night, he’s been suspended for thirty days without pay effective immediately. Gilberton Council members voted five to one. They also voted and passed new policies ordering Kessler not to wear his uniform or use his title for personal use.

Michael Morrill of Schuylkill County argued, “We ended up getting 20,000 signatures asking for him to be fired. This suspension is totally inadequate.”

Source – CBS Philadelphia




This is what happens when a bro gets old:

That was the initial video that sparked controversy.

Here are a couple more firearm related videos from him, including a non-apology for the first video:

My-New-Haircut-broski-yaegerYou can read more about the videos over at Gawker.

Real classy guy as you can see.  That is the exact type of person I wouldn’t be able to spend more than 30 seconds around without needing to leave the area.  I’m jealous of those NFA items though, especially that drop in auto conversion for the Glock.


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