Mark Wahlberg

So do we hate Mark Wahlberg this year still? :P  I forgot if Lone Survivor redeemed him or not?

That mortar blowing up in his face thing was pretty crazy.  I’d be mad too.



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Never rob a bank across from a diner that has the best donuts in 3 counties:

Denzel-Wahlberg-Movie-2-GunsDenzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg!  I love those guys… I know some of you are going to be like “But Mark Wahlberg is anti-gun!”, Denzel might be also, but I don’t really care… they are entertaining.

1:39 – Start of a painful Jimi Hendrix “All along the watchtower” cover.

In theaters August 2nd. Thoughts?


This looks awesome:

Besides the fact Mark Wahlberg is apparently anti-gun, he acts in some killer movies.  Good choice picking Kate Beckensale for the leading lady too.

I hope they have an outtakes real on this movie where Andy Samberg steps in and does his bit and says the classic “Say hi to your mother for me” impression.

Disclaimer: Unless Steven Segal is in it, if the movie involves money, drugs, and guns I’m pretty much sold on it as long as the story line is somewhat coherent.