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1:08 – Lucas Botkin from TREX.  I heard him talk about this appearance on his Art & War podcast episode recently.  I’ve listened to a few episodes now, including the one with the homie Print Shoot Repeat.  Good gun industry pod, if you’re looking for one.

5:05 – The gun industry in America is a $36 billion business

5:12 – US firearm manufacturers produced 11.1 million guns in 2020 😲, up from 5.4 million in 2015

8:03 – The narrator mentions that one of the cases against firearm marketing is the “potential exposure to children, or those under the age of 18”.  Video games and movies do that better than any firearms company could ever want to or hope to directly through their own ads.

9:25 – The Apple revolver to watergun emoji change was so lame.  People use it for the exact same purpose.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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This gem of a picture on their Instagram:

Statistics show that the wolves are the readiest they will ever be, when you’re cutting your lawn as a suburban male over the age of 65.  I might have to write a Sheepdog fan fiction for that picture.

I joke, but Glock is just doing the proper thing in marketing.  Segmenting their audience and then tailoring content towards each of those segments; it makes sense to treat each cohort differently.  After I typed that last sentence, I scrolled through their Instagram account.   It’s kind of a hodgepodge of a bunch of random overly staged Glock pictures, low budget photoshops, stock photos and Kathrin Glock appearances (looking lovely as ever).  In my opinion they have a lot of room for improvement on social media considering the caliber of the brand (puN iNteNdEd huehehehe 😏).

Also, what’s up with Glock running the account off the username glockinc , while username glock is an obvious trademark infringement?  LOL on the fake glock page there are two posts.. one about sept 11th, and one picture of a Glock 23.  Seems to me that the fake page definitely shouldn’t have posted that Glock picture, if they didn’t want smoke.



Unfortunate because he killed his girlfriend :/


If you had not heard of him before, Oscar Pistorius is apparently a South African guy famous for being a double below-knee amputee who won a lot of Paralympic medals for running.  To summarize he shot his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp on Valentines day.  He was charged with murder, and of course now the incident is being used as a model for the “guns are too dangerous to have in the home” argument *eye roll*


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I’m excited about Skyfall… Coke zero in any form I am not:

The first time I tasted coke zero I thought someone was playing a cruel joke on me.  I’m all for minimizing caloric intake, but not when sacrificing taste.  Whenever I decide to drink a coke you can bet it will be the regular one… I don’t mess with that diet bullshit either.

If you haven’t seen the Skyfall trailer yet, watch it and prepare to have your mind blown.

Back to the coke zero Skyfall cans though… I’m just glad to see bond and some barrel rifling on a coke.



This guy is in the f**king zone:

I’m so sick of that “my glock gives me confidence to live my life” bullshit tagline.  In my opinion, whoever came up with that should be fired immediately.

Why don’t big companies ever do anything fun just to troll?  It would have been a perfect opportunity at 0:27 to get a million views on this video by next week if dude would have just loaded the last round of his magazine in backwards.   But nooooooooo… i’m sure even if someone over at Glock’s marketing department got over his or her fear of rejection and suggested such an idea it would be laughed at for days considering the potential liability issues.  Sure enough someone would die in a self defense situation and then police would find the first round backwards… the family would sue glock for a kazillion-bajillion^infinity dollars and then the company would go under.

Out of the few ads of theirs I talked about before this one (see: here here and here), if nothing else this ad is at least not as corny.  Thank god they laid off the Adobe After Effects text effects.



Classy stuff:

I want the truck with the virtual range.  

I bet they have to be careful where they park those things.  They wouldn’t want to be staying at some Days Inn in the hood, only to come outside in the morning to find all the guns missing, and the trucks up on blocks.

If I ever see them, i’m going to troll hardcore and repeadly ask them if I can see the revolver shotgun that they make.


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